Profiling at Oliktok Point to Enhance YOPP Experiments

1 July 2018 - 30 September 2018

Lead Scientist: Gijs de Boer

Observatory: AMF, OLI

The Arctic is rapidly evolving, and enhanced predictive capabilities for both weather and climate are urgently required. Therefore, the international community has formulated plans for the execution of an extended period of focused observations and modeling of the arctic environment, dubbed the Year of Polar Prediction, or YOPP. The YOPP features two special observing periods, with the first occurring in the spring of 2018 and the second during the late summer and early fall.

POPEYE (Profiling at Oliktok Point to Enhance YOPP Experiments) will deploy additional ARM resources to Oliktok Point, Alaska, during the second three-month special observing period (1 July 2018 – 30 September 2018). This includes additional radiosonde launches, ARM-operated unmanned aerial systems (DataHawks), and ARM-operated tethered balloons. These instruments will conduct routine profiling activities over the course of the special observing period to obtain measurements on atmospheric thermodynamic structure, cloud and precipitation properties, and aerosol properties. These measurements will be used for a variety of purposes, including to:

  • conduct detailed studies of arctic cloud and aerosol processes
  • inform YOPP modeling efforts through real-time availability for assimilation into operational and research analysis products
  • evaluate and improve retrieval algorithms involving ARM remote sensors
  • evaluate and improve a variety of modeling tools being used to forecast arctic weather and climate
  • initialize and evaluate simulations associated with a potential Arctic large-eddy simulation framework similar to the ongoing ARM LASSO project.


Janet Intrieri
Matthew Shupe
Amy Solomon

OLI Data Sources

Name Full Name Browse Data
AERI Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer Browse Data
AERINF AERI Noise Filtered Browse Data
AMC Ameriflux Measurement Component Browse Data
AOD Aerosol Optical Depth, derived from atmospheric extinction of solar irradiance Browse Data
AOS Aerosol Observing System Browse Data
AOSMET Meteorological Measurements associated with the Aerosol Observing System Browse Data
CAPS-PMEX Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift Extinction Monitor Browse Data
CCN Cloud Condensation Nuclei Particle Counter Browse Data
CEIL Ceilometer Browse Data
CO-ANALYZER Carbon Monoxide Analyzer Browse Data
CPC Condensation Particle Counter Browse Data
CSPHOT Cimel Sunphotometer Browse Data
DL Doppler Lidar Browse Data
DLPROF Doppler Lidar Profiles Browse Data
ECMWFDIAG European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts Diagnostic Analyses Browse Data
ECOR Eddy Correlation Flux Measurement System Browse Data
GHG Greenhouse Gas Monitor Browse Data
GNDRAD Ground Radiometers on Stand for Upwelling Radiation Browse Data
HTDMA Humidified Tandem Differential Mobility Analyzer Browse Data
INTERPSONDE Interpolated Sonde Browse Data
IRT Infrared Thermometer Browse Data
KASACR Ka-Band Scanning ARM Cloud Radar Browse Data
KAZR Ka ARM Zenith Radar Browse Data
KAZRARSCL Active Remote Sensing of CLouds (ARSCL) product using Ka-band ARM Zenith Radars Browse Data
KAZRCOR KAZR Corrected Data Browse Data
MASC Multi-Angle Snowflake Camera Browse Data
MASCPARTICLES Multi-Angle Snowflake Camera Particle Analysis Browse Data
MAWS Automatic Weather Station Browse Data
MET Surface Meteorological Instrumentation Browse Data
MFR Multifilter Radiometer Browse Data
MFRSR Multifilter Rotating Shadowband Radiometer Browse Data
MPL Micropulse Lidar Browse Data
MPLCMASK Cloud mask from Micropulse Lidar Browse Data
MWR3C Microwave Radiometer, 3 Channel Browse Data
NEPHELOMETER Nephelometer Browse Data
OZONE Ozone Monitor Browse Data
PBLHT Planetary Boundary Layer Height Browse Data
PSAP Particle Soot Absorption Photometer Browse Data
QCRAD Data Quality Assessment for ARM Radiation Data Browse Data
RADFLUXANAL Radiative Flux Analysis Browse Data
RL Raman Lidar Browse Data
RLPROF Raman LIDAR Vertical Profiles Browse Data
RLPROFTEMP Raman Lidar Temperature VAP Browse Data
RWP Radar Wind Profiler Browse Data
SEBS Surface Energy Balance System Browse Data
SKYRAD Sky Radiometers on Stand for Downwelling Radiation Browse Data
SONDE Balloon-Borne Sounding System Browse Data
SONDEGRID Gridded Sonde VAP Product Browse Data
TBS Tethered Balloon System Browse Data
TSI Total Sky Imager Browse Data
UHSAS Ultra-High Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer Browse Data
WB Weighing Bucket Precipitation Gauge Browse Data
WSACR W-band Scanning ARM Cloud Radar Browse Data