Atmospheric Observatories


Three heavily instrumented fixed-location atmospheric observatories that represent a broad range of conditions are operated by the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility to gather massive amounts of atmospheric data. These are:

Mobile and Aerial Observatories

In addition to the fixed-location observatories, ARM also offers both mobile and aerial facilities:

  • ARM Mobile Facility (AMF): Three AMF are used by scientists to obtain atmospheric measurements, similar to those at the fixed-location observatories, for periods of about a year at a time anywhere in the world. The third mobile facility is currently undergoing an extended deployment at Oliktok Point, Alaska.
  • ARM Aerial Facility (AAF): The AAF obtains aerial measurements in the skies above the fixed-location and AMF observatories. Multiple aircraft platforms, including the Gulfstream-159, unmanned aerial systems, and tethered balloons are available to researchers to address a wide range of science requirements.

Past Observatories

Data from past deployments of the AMF and AAF, and the former Tropical Western Pacific (TWP) observatory, are a valuable asset to researchers worldwide and are easily accessible from the ARM Data Center through Data Discovery.

Observatory Locations at a Glance

Marker Definitions

ARM site ARM site - inactive
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