Data Sources


ARM users have access to data from multiple sources. The full list of data sources, which include instruments and value-added products (VAPs), is below.

In addition to measurement category, location, and active and retired status, data sources can be searched by type–baseline, evaluation, guest, external, and PI.

  • Baseline: An instrument that is part of an ARM atmospheric observatory or campaign, or a production-status VAP that has had ARM quality control and data standards applied.
  • Evaluation: A proposed baseline VAP currently undergoing evaluation. In this stage, feedback is encouraged from the scientific community.
  • Guest: An instrument or VAP supplied by a principal investigator, or an ARM VAP in which an algorithm has beenĀ applied to an instrument(s), that was included in a campaign.
  • External: An instrument or VAP provided by an external organization.
  • PI: These data sources are initiated by a principal investigator (PI) who developed a data product and submitted it to ARM. ARM translators may pick PI data sources that provide important new information or are recommended by the science community for further evaluation as a VAP.
Name Full Name Active Type Start End