ARM’s continuous measurements and field campaigns are helping advance climate science.

Scientists from around the world conduct research using data from ARM’s continuous measurements and field campaigns. ARM’s contributions to atmospheric science can be seen in science publications and research highlights.

Field Campaigns

Field campaigns provide a means for scientists to augment or modify the configuration of the ARM facility to address specific science issues. Campaigns range in complexity from deploying a single instrument to deploying an ARM Mobile Facility to remote locations around the world. As a scientific user facility, any scientist can submit a proposal to do field campaigns at ARM’s atmospheric observatories.


Data from ARM’s continuous measurements and field campaigns at sites around the world are a vital asset to atmospheric researchers. Research results are published in scientific journal articles, conference publications, and presentations.

Research Highlights

Publications in scientific journals represent tangible evidence of ARM’s contribution to advances in almost all areas of atmospheric radiation and cloud research. ARM’s Research Highlights summarize recently published research results.

Recent Highlights

Estimation of pressure perturbations needed to explain contact nucleation

21 January 2020

Yang, Fan; Vogelmann, Andrew M.

Supported by: ASR

Research area: Cloud Processes

The pressure perturbation hypothesis, which arose from recent lab experiments, has been proposed to explain the long-standing mystery of contact nucleation. However, validating the hypothesis is extremely difficult as it would require measuring pressure perturbations caused by the impact of ice nucleating particles on supercooled droplets. Instead, we improve understanding [...]

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"Fungal shrapnel" found in the air during HI-SCALE

21 January 2020

Smith, James; Lawler, Michael Joseph

Supported by: ARM ASR

Research area: Aerosol Processes

During summer 2016 at the Holistic Interactions of Shallow Clouds, Aerosols, and Land-Ecosystems (HI-SCALE) Field Campaign, we found fragments of biological cells in the atmosphere that were many times smaller and many times more numerous that we knew existed. These fragments are most likely bits of fungal spores that have burst [...]

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