maws: Automatic Weather Station

For the SGP site only, all of the MAWS sensors are mounted on a 10-m tiltable mast. For all other sites, including the first ARM Mobile Facility (AMF1), second ARM Mobile Facility (AMF2), third ARM Mobile Facility (AMF3), Eastern North Atlantic (ENA), and North Slope of Alaska (NSA), sensors will be co-located with the MET instruments.

The data are collected in one-minute averages of 10-second samples (as set in the logger configuration file US313v29.dtg created with Vaisala Lizard software) and collected daily (daily file created by Vaisala MetCast Observation Console software).



  • Fixed
  • AMF1
  • AMF2
  • AMF3

Active Instrument Locations

Facility Name Instrument Start Date
Central Facility, Lamont, OK 2014-09-08
Central Facility, Barrow AK 2019-06-10
Graciosa Island, Azores, Portugal 2017-05-05
Oliktok Point, Alaska; AMF3 2016-05-31


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