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Colorado: CFH/CMH Deployment to StormVEx

1 February 2011 - 25 April 2011

Lead Scientist: Gerald Mace

Observatory: AMF, SBS

CFH/CMH were deployed to measure accurate humidity at Storm Peak Lab in conjunction with CCN measurements and cloud droplet measurements.


Ian McCubbin

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Matrosov SY, GG Mace, R Marchand, MD Shupe, AG Hallar, and IB McCubbin. 2012. "Observations of Ice Crystal Habits with a Scanning Polarimetric W-Band Radar at Slant Linear Depolarization Ratio Mode." Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 29(8), 10.1175/jtech-d-11-00131.1.


Mather J. 2011. 2011 Annual Report. DOE ARM Climate Research Facility. DOE/SC-ARM-11-024.


Mace J, S Matrosov, M Shupe, P Lawson, G Hallar, I McCubbin, R Marchand, B Orr, R Coulter, A Sedlacek, L Avallone, and C Long. 2010. STORMVEX: The Storm Peak Lab Cloud Property Validation Experiment Science and Operations Plan. DOE ARM Climate Research Facility. DOE/SC-ARM-10-021.

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