User Executive Committee—Vice Chair

Land-Atmosphere Interactions


  • Research Scientist and Climate Sciences Department Head, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


  • PhD, Commissariat a l’Energie Atomique/Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environment, France, 2000
  • MS, University of Paris 7, France, 1995

Research Interests

I currently lead the Tech team of the AmeriFlux network management project and mentor several atmospheric greenhouse gas measurements and eddy covariance systems deployed at ARM Facilities (SGP, NSA, ENA, and AAF). My research focuses primarily on improving understanding of the carbon cycle. In particular, I built and deploy instruments to measure carbon exchange between the land and the atmosphere at the ARM SGP site. The measurements and analysis activities that I contribute to include: 1) carbon eddy flux systems; 2) continuous high-accuracy CO2 measurements and CO2 isotopes collection; 3) aircraft and tower flask collection; 4) continuous high-accuracy CO measurements; and 5) continuous high-accuracy aircraft-based CO2 measurements.

Professional Experience

My early research was quite broad, including study of wind and wave structures in tropical cyclones, infrared remote sensing to map deforestation in tropical forests, and instrumental measurement of carbon isotopes in the atmosphere. After completing my PhD, I held post-docs at the University of Galway, Ireland and the University of California at Berkeley.