ARM Priorities


The ARM Climate Research Facility is continuously improving to meet its goals and user needs, whether that means adding instruments or developing new data products. Priorities are determined by reviewing input from the science community through workshops, principal investigator meetings, instrument focus groups, and constituent groups.

This input is cross-referenced to U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) mission-critical goals for the ARM Facility, such as the Decadal Vision, next-generation ARM, the LES ARM Symbiotic Simulation and Observation (LASSO) workflow, development of megasites, field campaigns, and maintaining the long-term ARM data record.

An integrated plan is created each year to help focus ARM high-priority activities to have maximum benefit and impact to the science community.

Users can view current and completed high-priority ARM activities.

Aerial Facility

Task ID Title State Target Completion
ENG0001159 Implement PNNL portions of new ARM UAS Program In Progress 2018 January

Data Services & System Engineering

Task ID Title State Target Completion
ENG0003030 Data Discovery Interface - Phase II uprgade Closed Complete 2016 December
ENG0003208 ADC processing and visualization (Stratus) cluster deployment In Progress 2017 July
ENG0003231 ARM LASSO Cluster deployment In Progress 2017 September
ENG0003245 Redesign ADC Archive Data Access and Delivery In Progress 2017 September

Facilities & Infrastructure

Task ID Title State Target Completion
ENG0000916 Design, test, and install a new ARM Climate Research facility at Oliktok Point Closed Complete 2016 August
ENG0000917 Moored Balloons, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and Airborne Measurement Systems Closed Complete 2016 January
ENG0001059 SGP Supersite with Enhanced Mobile Facility Closed Complete 2015 July

Instrument Engineering

Task ID Title State Target Completion
ENG0001091 Clutter Removal in RWP Doppler Spectra Closed Complete 2015 October
ENG0001119 Development of an SGP T/RH/U Profiling Network Closed Complete 2014 December
ENG0001201 New precipitation measurements In Progress 2018 November
ENG0001218 Add 1625 nm channel to all MFRSRs, MFRs and NIMFRs In Progress 2018 September
ENG0001283 AMF1 AOS and MAOS Realignment Strategy (FY16 - FY18) In Design 2018 September
ENG0001286 Install six digital cameras to generate stereo-photogrammetric 3D cloud masks In Progress 2017 June
ENG0003001 End-to-End Data Flow Pipeline for Radar Observations and Radar Retrievals In Progress 2017 May
ENG0003073 Compute calibrated solar spectral irradiances and optical depths from Aug 2009 to Mar 2014 RSS deployment In Progress 2017 September
ENG0003148 Radar Engineering and Operations Work Plan -2016/2017 In Progress 2017 September
ENG0003203 Evaluate NASA PIP Instrument at Oliktok In Progress 2018 June
ENG0003322 Radome for CSAPR2 In Design 2018 April

Science Products

Task ID Title State Target Completion
ENG0000985 Develop MWRRETv2 VAP In Progress 2017 September
ENG0001080 Development of ARMBE 2D gridded and stations-based surface data products In Progress 2017 October
ENG0001245 New Cloud Classification VAP In Progress 2017 September
ENG0001262 Develop a Py-ART Roadmap Waiting for Release 2017 March
ENG0001269 New AERIoe VAP In Progress 2017 September
ENG0001277 Explore ARM large scale data analysis and visualization using noSQL technologies In Progress 2017 June
ENG0003094 Pilot Phase LASSO LES Modeling In Progress 2017 April
ENG0003196 SACR ADVance Velocity-Azimuth Display (SACR-ADV-VAD) product In Progress 2017 July
ENG0003215 SACR ADVance Quasi-Vertical Profile (SACR-ADV-QVP) product In Progress 2017 July
ENG0003267 SACR ADVance 3-D Cartesian Cloud Cover (SACR-ADV-3D3C) product In Progress 2017 July
ENG0003294 Improved Model Forcing Datasets using Boundary Layer Profiler data at SGP In Progress 2017 September
ENG0003314 The Operational Ground-Based Retrieval Evaluation for Clouds (OGRE-CLOUDS) Framework In Design 2018 September