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Cloud Measurements, Cloud Modeling, High-Resolution Modeling


  • Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


  • PhD, Atmospheric Sciences, University of Utah, 2013
  • BS, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2007

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in advancing understanding and prediction of convective cloud systems. In particular, I combine in situ and remote-sensing observations with high-resolution modeling in novel ways to better understand and model interactive cloud dynamical and microphysical processes. A key component of this research is analyzing sensitivities of convective cloud system properties to environmental thermodynamic, kinematic, and aerosol conditions.

Professional Experience

I am an early career scientist recently hired at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. I was previously a research assistant professor at the University of Utah, where I had and continue to have the pleasure of advising graduate students. I have participated in several major field campaigns and serve as principal investigator (PI) on the current ARM CACTI field campaign, which involves deployment of an ARM Mobile Facility in the Andean foothills of northwest Argentina to study convection, aerosols, and thunderstorms.