Reprocessed Cloud Radar Spectra Data Released for CACTI Campaign

Published: 19 January 2021
Ka-Band ARM Zenith Radar reflectivity from CACTI campaign in Argentina
The top right graphic is a time-versus-height image of KAZR reflectivity from the CACTI field campaign during an hourlong period on January 24, 2019. At top left, the spectrogram in height is associated with the time indicated by the dashed blue vertical line in the reflectivity image, 3.47 minutes past the hour. At bottom right, the spectrogram in time is associated with the height indicated by the dashed blue horizontal line in the reflectivity image, 5,484 meters.

Doppler radar spectra, observed by the Ka-Band ARM Zenith Radar (KAZR) during the 2018–2019 Cloud, Aerosol, and Complex Terrain Interactions (CACTI) field campaign in Argentina, have been reprocessed.

The data, originally ingested using the wrong version of the ingest software, have now been converted to the correct data format. The reprocessed data cover the period from December 2018 through early April 2019.

NOTE: None of the values stored in the files have been changed; only the netCDF data headers (variable names, etc.) have changed.

The original raw data from the radar were no longer available at the time of reprocessing, so the updating was done using the incorrectly formatted initial data set as the data source. As a result, some variables that exist only in the new netCDF file format could not be populated in the final data set. However, the data set’s primary variable, the Doppler radar spectra, is available and unchanged from the previous version.

Scientists now have one consistently formatted data set of KAZR Doppler spectra data for the entire CACTI campaign.

For questions or to report data problems, please contact Karen Johnson or Scott Giangrande.

Data can be referenced as doi:10.5439/1502374.

Access the data set in the ARM Data Center. (Go here to create an account to download the data.)

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