AOS Core Configuration


AOS units are designed for long-term use in all environments. All instruments are mounted in shock-isolated racks with plumbing, wiring, and infrastructure permanently installed to simplify relocation, staging, and destaging. For mobile units, the AOS requires only power and internet connection.  The basic AOS units can be up and running with one or two days’ installation.

Basic AOS features:

  • Instruments measuring physical, optical, and chemical properties using a common inlet.
  • Internal computers use a common visual graphical user interface for a uniform look and feel.
  • Operators only have to learn a single program instead of individual instrument programs.
  • Instrument mentors can access all instruments and AOS infrastructure systems remotely in support of operations.
  • ARM provides a common data format for most instruments that includes metadata about the instrument in each file.
  • Data are saved redundantly in the AOS and at the site data system as well as transferred to the ARM Data Center.