SGP 3-D Observations of Fair Weather Cumuli

1 September 2017 - 30 September 2017

Lead Scientist: Damao Zhang

Observatory: SGP

During the proposed IOP at the SGP central facility site, Doppler Lidar will run in an RHI scanning mode in the cross-wind direction with occasional PPI scans for updated wind directions.

The focus of this field campaign is to: 1. Retrieve sub-cloud layer turbulence (vertical velocity and mass flux) in a 3-D domain.

  1. Validate the 3-D gridded cloud field from stereo photogrammetry with scanning Doppler Lidar measurements.

  2. Estimate shallow cumulus lateral entrainment rate and its relation to environmental conditions.


Michael Jensen
Pavlos Kollias
Rusen Oktem
David Romps
Andrew Vogelmann