15 August 2021

Lead Scientist: John Sullivan

Observatory: amf

In summer 2021, NASA will deploy assets to the Houston, Texas region to integratively observe air quality relevant constituents at high spatial and temporal resolutions. This effort will be conducted in parallel with the DOE-led Tracking Aerosol Convection interactions ExpeRiment (TRACER) campaign. Current planned components include:

  • Stationary air quality observations of ozone profiles from a subset of instruments from the Tropospheric Ozone Lidars Network (TOLNET)
  • Aircraft observations of ozone precursors (NO2 and HCHO) from the GEOCAPE Airborne Simulator (GCAS) in conjunction with ozone and aerosol profiles from the High Spectral Resolution Lidar-2 (HSRL-2)

These measurements have become the foundation for preparatory measurements in the development of geostationary air quality capabilities (e.g., NASA TEMPO) as well as our continued partnership with the air quality community through collaborative field measurements and research.

Through summer 2021, we aim to build upon new and existing partnerships and collaborations in the air quality and health research community. To ask questions or to get involved, please contact NASA co-PIs Laura Judd ( and John Sullivan (