Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Climate Research Facility US Department of Energy

ARM Airborne Carbon Measurements (ARM-ACME)

1 October 2008 - 31 December 2011

Lead Scientist: Sebastien Biraud

Observatory: AAF, SGP

This campaign is a two-year multi-institution and multi-agency airborne study of atmospheric composition and carbon cycling in the Southern Great Plains (SGP), with scientific objectives that are central to carbon-cycle and radiative-forcing goals of the US Climate Change Research Program and the North American Carbon Program (NACP). The goal of these measurements is to improve understanding of: (a) the carbon exchange of the ARM region; (b) how CO2 and associated water and energy fluxes influence radiative forcing, convective processes, and CO2 concentrations over the ARM region, and (c) how greenhouse gases are transported on continental scales. To meet these goals, airborne measurements will be made to support the following specific scientific objectives:

  1. Quantify trends and variability in atmospheric concentrations of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in North America, e.g., for NACP continental synthesis;

  2. Validate NASA Orbiting Carbon Observatory column CO2 estimates;

  3. Characterize the chemical fingerprint of anthropogenic GHG sources;

  4. Construct regional carbon budgets and estimate CO2 , LE, and SH fluxes in SGP;

  5. Develop novel tracer tools for understanding convective mixing, surface conductance, and vertical advection;

  6. Provide data to improve planetary boundary layer dynamics models;

  7. Improve radiation models in GCMs using column CO2 variation and trends.

Support for research associated with the campaign will be provided by DOE’s Terrestrial Ecosystem Science program.”


Joseph Berry Colm Sweeney Steven Wofsy
Marc Fischer Pieter Tans
Charles Miller Margaret Torn


Miller SM, SC Wofsy, AM Michalak, EA Kort, AE Andrews, SC Biraud, EJ Dlugokencky, J Elszkeiwicz, ML Fischer, G Janssens-Maenhout, BR Miller, JB Miller, SA Montzka, T Nehrkorn, and C Sweeney. 2013. "Anthropogenic emissions of methane in the United States." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 110(50), 10.1073/pnas.1314392110.
Research Highlight

Miyamoto Y, M Inoue, I Morino, O Uchino, T Yokota, T Machida, Y Sawa, H Matsueda, C Sweeney, P Tans, A Andrews, S Biraud, and P Patra. 2013. "Corrigendum to "Atmospheric column-averaged mole fractions of carbon dioxide at 53 aircraft measurement sites" published in Atmos. Chem. Phys. 13, 5265–5275, 2013." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 13(18), 10.5194/acp-13-9213-2013.

Basu S, S Guerlet, A Butz, S Houweling, OP Hasekamp, I Aben, PB Krummel, LP Steele, RL Langenfelds, MS Torn, SC Biraud, B Stephens, A Andrews, and D Worthy. 2013. "Global CO2 fluxes estimated from GOSAT retrievals of total column CO2." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 13(17), 10.5194/acp-13-8695-2013.
Research Highlight

Bergamaschi P, S Houweling, A Segers, M Krol, C Frankenberg, R Scheepmaker, E Dlugokencky, S Wofsy, E Kort, C Sweeney, T Schuck, C Brenninkmeijer, H Chen, V Beck, and C Gerbig. 2013. " Atmospheric CH in the first decade of the 21st century: Inverse modeling analysis using SCIAMACHY satellite retrievals and NOAA surface measurements ." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 118(13), 10.1002/jgrd.50480.

Keppel-Aleks G, JT Randerson, K Lindsay, BB Stephens, JK Moore, SC Doney, PE Thornton, NM Mahowald, FM Hoffman, C Sweeney, PP Tans, PO Wennberg, and SC Wofsy. 2013. "Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Variability in the Community Earth System Model: Evaluation and Transient Dynamics during the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries." Journal of Climate, 26(13), 10.1175/jcli-d-12-00589.1.
Research Highlight

Miyamoto Y, M Inoue, I Morino, O Uchino, T Yokota, T Machida, Y Sawa, H Matsueda, C Sweeney, P Tans, A Andrews, and P Patra. 2013. "Atmospheric column-averaged mole fractions of carbon dioxide at 53 aircraft measurement sites." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 13(10), 10.5194/acp-13-5265-2013.

Biraud S, M Torn, J Smith, C Sweeney, and P Tans. 2013. Airborne Continuous CO2 in the U.S. Southern Great Plains. Presented at 4th Atmospheric System Research (ASR) Science Team Meeting. Potomac, MD.

Kulawik SS, JR Worden, SC Wofsy, SC Biraud, R Nassar, DB Jones, ET Olsen, R Jimenez, S Park, GW Santoni, BC Daube, JV Pittman, BB Stephens, EA Kort, and GB Osterman. 2013. "Comparison of improved Aura Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer CO2 with HIPPO and SGP aircraft profile measurements." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 13(6), 10.5194/acp-13-3205-2013.

Biraud SC, MS Torn, JR Smith, C Sweeney, WJ Riley, and PP Tans. 2013. "A multi-year record of airborne CO2 observations in the U.S. Southern Great Plains." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 6(3), 10.5194/amt-6-751-2013.

Kuai L, J Worden, S Kulawik, K Bowman, M Lee, SC Biraud, JB Abshire, SC Wofsy, V Natraj, C Frankenberg, D Wunch, B Connor, C Miller, C Roehl, RL Shia, and Y Yung. 2013. "Profiling tropospheric CO2 using Aura TES and TCCON instruments." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 6, 10.5194/amt-6-63-2013.

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Campaign Data Sets

IOP Participant Data Source Name Final Data
Sebastien Biraud Continuous Carbon Dioxide Order Data
Sebastien Biraud Continuous Carbon Dioxide Order Data
Sebastien Biraud Continuous Carbon Dioxide Order Data
Sebastien Biraud Continuous Carbon Dioxide Order Data
Sebastien Biraud Continuous Carbon Dioxide Order Data
Sebastien Biraud Continuous Carbon Dioxide Order Data
Sebastien Biraud Flask Samplers for Carbon Cycle Gases and Isotopes Order Data
Sebastien Biraud Flask Samplers for Carbon Cycle Gases and Isotopes Order Data
Sebastien Biraud Flask Samplers for Carbon Cycle Gases and Isotopes Order Data
Sebastien Biraud Flask Samplers for Carbon Cycle Gases and Isotopes Order Data
Sebastien Biraud Flask Samplers for Carbon Cycle Gases and Isotopes Order Data
Sebastien Biraud Flask Samplers for Carbon Cycle Gases and Isotopes Order Data
Duli Chand Particle Soot Absorption Photometer Order Data
Connor Flynn Nephelometer Order Data
John Hubbe Ambient Winds- AIMMS Order Data
Chuck Long Radiometer Suite (Tilt Corrected Data) Order Data
Alyssa Matthews Cloud Droplet Probe Order Data
Alyssa Matthews High Volume Precipitation Spectrometer Order Data
Alyssa Matthews High Volume Precipitation Spectrometer - Images Order Data
Alyssa Matthews Two Dimensional Stereo Probe - Images Order Data
Alyssa Matthews Video Order Data
Alyssa Matthews Water Content Monitor Order Data
Fan Mei 2DS Particle Imaging Probe Order Data
Fan Mei Cloud Particle Imager (CPI) Order Data
Fan Mei Condensation Particle Counter Order Data
Fan Mei Fast Cloud Droplet Probe (FCDP) Order Data
Fan Mei Meteorology/State/Position Parameters Order Data
Mikhail Pekour Optical Particle Counter - Isokinetic Order Data
Arthur Sedlacek Single Particle Soot Photometer Order Data
Stephen Springston Trace Gases Order Data
Jason Tomlinson Passive Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer Order Data
Jason Tomlinson Ultra High Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer Order Data

SGP Data Sources

Name Full Name Browse Data
ABRFC Arkansas-Red Basin River Forecast Center Browse Data
ACRED ARM Cloud Retrieval Ensemble Data Browse Data
ACSM Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor Browse Data
AERI Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer Browse Data
AERINF AERI Noise Filtered Browse Data
AERIPROF AERI Profiles of Water Vapor and Temperature Browse Data
AEROSOLBE Aerosol Best Estimate Browse Data
AIP Aerosol Intensive Properties Browse Data
AOS Aerosol Observing System Browse Data
AOSCCNAVG Aerosol Observing System (AOS): cloud condensation nuclei data, averaged Browse Data
AOSMET Meteorological Measurements associated with the Aerosol Observing System Browse Data
ARMBE ARM Best Estimate Data Products Browse Data
ARMBE2DGRID 2D Gridded Surface Data Set Browse Data
ARMBESTNS Station-based Surface Products Browse Data
ARSCL Active Remote Sensing of CLouds Browse Data
AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer Browse Data
BAEBBR Best-Estimate Fluxes From EBBR Measurements and Bulk Aerodynamics Calculations Browse Data
BEFLUX Best-Estimate Radiative Flux Browse Data
BRS Broadband Radiometer Station Browse Data
CCN Cloud Condensation Nuclei Particle Counter Browse Data
CCNPROF Cloud Condensation Nuclei Profile Browse Data
CEIL Ceilometer Browse Data
CEILPBLHT Boundary-layer height data with CEIL Browse Data
CLAP Continuous Light Absorption Photometer Browse Data
CLDTYPE Cloud Type Classification Browse Data
CO Carbon Monoxide Mixing Ratio System Browse Data
CO2FLX Carbon Dioxide Flux Measurement Systems Browse Data
CPC Condensation Particle Counter Browse Data
CSAPR C-Band Scanning ARM Precipitation Radar Browse Data
CSPHOT Cimel Sunphotometer Browse Data
DISDROMETER Impact Disdrometer Browse Data
DL Doppler Lidar Browse Data
DLPROF Doppler Lidar Profiles Browse Data
EBBR Energy Balance Bowen Ratio Station Browse Data
ECMWFDIAG European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts Diagnostic Analyses Browse Data
ECOR Eddy Correlation Flux Measurement System Browse Data
FLASK Flask Samplers for Carbon Cycle Gases and Isotopes Browse Data
GNDRAD Ground Radiometers on Stand for Upwelling Radiation Browse Data
GOES Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites Browse Data
GOES-UTH Upper Tropospheric Relative Humidity from GOES Satellite Data Browse Data
IAP In-situ Aerosol Profiles (Cessna Aerosol Flights) Browse Data
INTERPSONDE Interpolated Sonde Browse Data
IRT Infrared Thermometer Browse Data
KASACR Ka-Band Scanning ARM Cloud Radar Browse Data
KAZR Ka ARM Zenith Radar Browse Data
KAZRARSCL Active Remote Sensing of CLouds (ARSCL) product using Ka-band ARM Zenith Radars Browse Data
KAZRCOR KAZR Corrected Data Browse Data
KSUMESO Kansas State University Mesonet Browse Data
LASSO LES ARM Symbiotic Simulation and Observation (LASSO) Browse Data
LSSONDE Microwave Radiometer-Scaled Sonde Profiles Browse Data
MERGESONDE Merged Sounding Browse Data
MET Surface Meteorological Instrumentation Browse Data
MFR Multifilter Radiometer Browse Data
MFRSR Multifilter Rotating Shadowband Radiometer Browse Data
MFRSRCLDOD Cloud Optical Properties from MFRSR Using Min Algorithm Browse Data
MICROBASEKA Continuous Baseline Microphysical Retrieval, KAZR-based VAP Browse Data
MICROBASEKAPLUS improved MICROBASE product with Uncertainties Browse Data
MMCR Millimeter Wavelength Cloud Radar Browse Data
MMCRMODE MMCR mode moments, derived by ARSCL process Browse Data
MOLTS Model Output Location Time Series Browse Data
MPL Micropulse Lidar Browse Data
MPLAVG MPL: data averaged to fixed 30 second interval, e.g. for polarized data Browse Data
MPLCMASK Cloud mask from Micropulse Lidar Browse Data
MWR Microwave Radiometer Browse Data
MWR3C Microwave Radiometer, 3 Channel Browse Data
MWRHF Microwave Radiometer - High Frequency Browse Data
MWRRET MWR Retrievals Browse Data
MWRRETV2 MWR Retrievals with MWRRET Version 2 Browse Data
NCEPGFS National Centers for Environment Prediction Global Forecast System Browse Data
NDROP Droplet number concentration Browse Data
NEPHELOMETER Nephelometer Browse Data
NFOV Narrow Field of View Zenith Radiometer Browse Data
NIMFR Normal Incidence Multifilter Radiometer Browse Data
NOAACRN NOAA Climate Reference Network Browse Data
NWSUPA National Weather Service Upper Air Measurements Browse Data
OKM Oklahoma Mesonet Browse Data
OKMSOIL Oklahoma Mesonet Soil Moisture Browse Data
ORG Optical Rain Gauge Browse Data
OZONE Ozone Monitor Browse Data
PASS Photoacoustic Soot Spectrometer Browse Data
PBLHT Planetary Boundary Layer Height Browse Data
PGS Precision Carbon Dioxide Mixing Ratio System Browse Data
PSAP Particle Soot Absorption Photometer Browse Data
QCAOD Quality Controlled Aerosol Optical Depth VAP Browse Data
QCECOR Quality Controlled Eddy Correlation Flux Measurement Browse Data
QCRAD Data Quality Assessment for ARM Radiation Data Browse Data
RADARCFAD Radar Contoured Frequency by Altitude Diagram Browse Data
RADFLUXANAL Radiative Flux Analysis Browse Data
RAIN Rain Gauge Browse Data
RL Raman Lidar Browse Data
RLPROF Raman LIDAR Vertical Profiles Browse Data
RUC Rapid Update Cycle Model Data Browse Data
RWP Radar Wind Profiler Browse Data
SASHE Shortwave Array Spectroradiometer-Hemispheric Browse Data
SASZE Shortwave Array Spectroradiometer-Zenith Browse Data
SEBS Surface Energy Balance System Browse Data
SFCCLDGRID Surface Cloud Grid Browse Data
SHALLOWCUMULUS Fair-Weather Shallow Cumulus Identification Browse Data
SIRS Solar and Infrared Radiation Station Browse Data
SODAR Mini Sound Detection and Ranging Browse Data
SONDE Balloon-Borne Sounding System Browse Data
SONDEADJUST Sonde Adjust Browse Data
SONDEGRID Gridded Sonde VAP Product Browse Data
SUOMIGPS SuomiNet Global Positioning System Browse Data
SURFSPECALB Surface Spectral Albedo Browse Data
SURTHREF Surface Temperature and Humidity Reference System for Sondes Browse Data
SWACR W-Band (95 GHz) ARM Cloud Radar, mounted to scan Browse Data
SWATS Soil Water and Temperature System Browse Data
SWFLUXANAL Shortwave Flux Analysis Browse Data
SWS Shortwave Spectroradiometer Browse Data
TDMA Tandem Differential Mobility Analyzer Browse Data
TDMADAP Aerosol Properties derived from TDMA Measurements Browse Data
THWAPS Temperature, Humidity, Wind and Pressure Sensors Browse Data
TSI Total Sky Imager Browse Data
TWR Facility-specific multi-level Meteorological Instrumentation Browse Data
TWRMR Tower Water-Vapor Mixing Ratio Browse Data
USDARAD US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Radiation Monitoring Data Browse Data
VARANAL3D Three-dimensional Constrained Variational Analysis Browse Data
VDIS Video Disdrometer Browse Data
VISST Minnis Cloud Products Using Visst Algorithm Browse Data
WACR W-Band (95 GHz) ARM Cloud Radar Browse Data
WPDN Wind Profiler Demo Network Browse Data
WPDNGPS Wind Profiler Demonstration Network GPS Browse Data
WSACR W-band Scanning ARM Cloud Radar Browse Data
XSAPR X-Band Scanning ARM Precipitation Radar Browse Data