New Educational Outreach Materials Available

Published: 9 July 2011

The July 2011 Climate Education Update Newsletter is now available! The subject of this edition is the Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC). Topics covered include Madden-Julian Oscillation, Tropical Cyclones, and el Niño and La Niña. Also included is a related activity for middle school students, “Why is it Hotter at the Equator?,” which demonstrates the different heating effects of sunlight.

Two new Keeping an Eye on Climate Change student flyers are also available. The first describes the ARM Mobile Facility’s operation of the observatory in Nainital, India, in support of the Ganges Valley Aerosol Experiment (GVAX) campaign. The second describes the international research effort being conducted on Gan Island for the ARM Madden-Julian Oscillation Investigation Experiment (AMIE) campaign.