Arrival of Recovery Act Funds Sets Wheels In Motion

Published: 27 May 2009

So that people can easily recognize the effects of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, all projects will be stamped with the Recovery Act logo.Through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (aka stimulus), the Department of Energy’s Office of Science received $1.2 billion. In late May, DOE released approximately $54 million—90 percent—of the $60 million allocated to the ARM Climate Research Facility. During the next 18 months, the ARM Climate Research Facility will purchase and deploy dual-frequency scanning cloud radars to all the ARM sites, enhance several sites with precipitation radars and energy flux measurement capabilities, and invest in new aerosol sampling and aerial instrumentation. This is just a small sample of the planned enhancements that will result in 143 new instruments for the ARM user community.

Since the allocation of stimulus funds announced by DOE in March, ARM has worked to develop a detailed project plan encompassing all the tasks and milestones necessary to manage this enormous capital expenditure. Using input from the climate change research community—specifically past ARM workshops and working group discussions—ARM has planned for the purchase and deployment of an expansive array of new instruments and equipment. The past few months of planning now kick into high gear with implementation and procurement activities.

When completed, this effort will dramatically improve the capabilities of the facility and provide a 3D capability at all ARM sites for the benefit of the international climate change science community. Stay tuned for more information about the enhancements planned throughout the user facility or see the Recovery Act FAQ page.