ARM Aerial Facility Scientist – PNNL

Published: 27 September 2012

The Atmospheric Sciences and Global Change Division at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is seeking an ARM Aerial Facility (AAF) Payload Engineer/Scientist. The successful candidate will report to the AAF Technical Director.

This position will be responsible for the maintenance, upgrades, calibration, installation, and airborne operation of AAF instrumentation, as well as data analyses, data quality assurance, and archiving. The candidate will be given the opportunity to present results at workshops and conferences and in peer-reviewed journals. Extended travel for aircraft deployments is required.

Successful candidates must possess mechanical and electrical hands-on skills; be team-oriented and well organized; and possess good writing, public speaking, and presentation skills. Preferred candidates will have a PhD (within the past two years) or an MS/MA degree (with equivalent professional experience) in engineering, physics, chemistry, atmospheric science, or a related discipline. Project management, leadership, strong data analysis, and programming skills are important.

Application deadline is October 12, 2012. For a full job description or to apply, visit the PNNL Careers website (job ID: 301727).