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Published: 24 February 2023

The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility has made some changes on Regular visitors to ARM’s website might have noticed the addition of new pages as well as updates to several existing pages. These recent changes were made in response to feedback provided by the ARM user community and other stakeholders to reflect ARM’s goal of continuously improving website functionality and user experience.

New pages

Science Data Products page

Newly created Science Data Products and Satellite Data pages are shown.

With ARM data products having grown to include value-added products (VAPs), data epochs, modeling products, and more, a single landing page was created to guide ARM users through the available products in a consolidated, straightforward manner. The new Science Data Products page provides an overview of the types of products made freely available by ARM and offers users the option to browse data by navigating to ARM’s Data Discovery.

Under the Capabilities drop-down menu at the top of, the Science Data Products page is nested where the VAPs page was previously located. The VAPs page has not been removed from, but it is now accessible from the Science Data Products page.

Satellite Data page

Linked from the Science Data Products page is the newly created Satellite Data page. The page includes information on satellite products that are available to ARM users and ARM’s existing satellite partnerships. Also provided is an overview of how satellite observations have added spatial context to ARM’s ground-based measurements and how ARM data have played an important role in the evaluation and development of satellite retrievals.

Changes to existing pages

Search Updates

The Instruments, VAPs, and Data Sources pages now have search filtering options displayed as check boxes on the left-hand side. Previously on those pages, search parameters were listed near the top as drop-down menu selections. The filtering modifications make it easier for users to quickly filter their search results based on type, active status, location, category, and primary measurement parameters. The new look of the Instruments, VAPs, and Data Sources pages closely resembles ARM’s searchable publications database to create a more consistent search experience across

The ARM Instruments page previously included search filtering options in drop-down menus located near the top of the page (left), whereas the updated page (right) features left-aligned check box-style search filtering.
The ARM publication submission form can now be submitted when a DOI is not yet able to be validated using CrossRef.

Publication Submission Form

Now users can submit a publication to the ARM publications database when a digital object identifier (DOI) is not yet validated using the publication submission form. Previously, a publication could not be submitted if the publication date was too recent for the DOI to be validated. Other upgrades to the form include the addition of an abstract field for journal article submissions and the option for users to submit a non-ARM technical report.

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ARM is a DOE Office of Science user facility operated by nine DOE national laboratories.