Opportunity Call Opens for European Space Agency Satellite Calibration and Validation

Published: 13 September 2017

The European Space Agency (ESA) announced an opportunity call for calibration and validation activities related to its new EarthCARE satellite.

EarthCARE will provide global observations of clouds, atmospheric particles, and radiation using high-performance radar and lidar technology. The satellite, which ESA developed with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, is expected to launch in August 2019.

“This call aims to engage leading expertise for the calibration and validation activities of the mission, providing independent experimental data, analysis, and recommendations to critically assess the end-to-end performance of the instrument and its products,” the ESA announcement states.

Proposals are due October 15, 2017, through the ESA website. The ESA has provided a list of key questions that have come up during the proposal process.

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