ARM Education Receives Seal of Approval

Published: 14 August 2012

Resources selected by the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) must pass an extensive peer-review process to verify the accuracy and currency of the science.
ARM’s lesson plan, “Effects of Solar Radiation on Land and Sea” was recently selected for inclusion in the NSF-funded Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network’s (CLEAN) collection of educational resources. Receipt of the prestigious CLEAN seal means that the selected resource passed an extensive peer-review by educators and scientists to ensure adherence to stringent Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Principles, as approved by numerous organizations, including the U.S. Climate Change Science Program.

Since its launch in November 2010 as a new National Science Digital Library Pathways project, the CLEAN team has reviewed more than 15,000 climate and energy resources. The ARM lesson plan is one of 480 chosen that match the collection’s scope and requirements for accuracy and effectiveness.

The goal of the ARM Educational Outreach is to promote basic science awareness and increase critical thinking skills focusing on environmental science and climate change for K-12 students. To this end, ARM works with educators and scientists to develop resources (lesson plans, handouts, and activities) that complement ARM research for use in classrooms and communities.