ARM Education Popular with Students at Science Night

Published: 2 December 2011
Middle school students pose with Professor Polar Bear.

On November 15, ARM communications staff and scientists participated in the third annual Chief Joseph Middle School Science Night in Richland, Washington. They shared with students how to build their own anemometer, handed out activity booklets and lesson plans to interested teachers, students, and parents, and brought along Professor Polar Bear and the climate kids who posed for photos with enthusiastic attendees. From the crowds surrounding our volunteer scientists, it was clear that the students enjoyed seeing the G-1 probe display provided by John Hubbe, ARM Aerial Facility Operations, and the hands-on cloud-in-a-bottle activity provided by Laura Riihimaki, Atmospheric System Research scientist.

Laura Riihimaki and John Hubbe at Chief Joseph Middle School's Science Night.

Chief Joseph’s Science Night is an interactive science fair open to the public that encourages students to view science as active and fun. With triple the community participation than the previous two years, students had a variety of activities to choose from. The ARM Education and Outreach Program advocates developing basic science awareness and increasing critical thinking skills in environmental science and climate change for K-12 students in support of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education.