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The Raman Lidar Temperature VAP provides height- and time-resolved estimates of temperature in the atmospheric troposphere with a nominal temporal resolution of 10 min, and 60 m in the vertical. The VAP also provides estimates of the random uncertainty in the temperature, which can be used to perform quality control on the data. The data coverage generally extends from roughly 200 m up to about 12 km above the surface during the nighttime, and up to roughly 8 km during the daytime. The VAP uses collocated radiosonde measurements to calibrate the temperature data from the Raman lidar. With careful quality control the output from this VAP can be used by scientists for process studies, climatology development, instrument intercomparison studies, model validation, or for model data assimilation. For more information about the Raman Lidar Temperature VAP, including recommended quality control procedures, see this report.


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