stereocam: Stereo Cameras for Clouds

STEREOCAM consists of three pairs of stereo camera setups that aim to provide synchronized and stereo calibrated time series of images that can be used for 3D cloud mask reconstruction. Each camera pair is positioned at approximately 120 degrees from the other pair, with a 17°-19° pitch angle from the ground, and at 5-6 km distance from the ARM Southern Great Plains observatory to cover the region from northeast, northwest, and southern views. Images from both cameras of the same stereo setup can be paired together to obtain 3D reconstruction by triangulation. 3D reconstructions from the ring of three stereo pairs can be combined together to generate a 3D mask from surrounding views.



  • Fixed
  • AMF1
  • AMF2
  • AMF3

Active Instrument Locations

Facility Name Instrument Start Date
Tonkawa, OK (NE stereo camera site, Extended) 2017-07-28
Billings, OK (SE stereo camera site, Extended) 2017-07-28


Romps D and R ├ľktem. 2018. "Observing clouds in 4D with multi-view stereo photogrammetry." Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 99(12), 10.1175/BAMS-D-18-0029.1.
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