The development of rainfall retrievals from radar at Darwin



Jackson, Robert — Argonne National Laboratory
Collis, Scott Matthew — Argonne National Laboratory

Area of research:

Cloud Processes

Journal Reference:

Jackson R, S Collis, V Louf, A Protat, D Wang, S Giangrande, E Thompson, B Dolan, and S Powell. 2021. "The development of rainfall retrievals from radar at Darwin." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 14(1), 10.5194/amt-14-53-2021.


We used four years of ground disdrometer observations to develop rainfall rate estimators for ARM scanning precipitation radars at the ARM Tropical Western Pacific site.


We were able to develop a rainfall estimator that is applicable for developing rainfall estimates from ARM radars sampling storms in the tropics.


We tested several different rainfall estimators on the C-band polarization radar data by comparing rainfall estimates from the rainfall estimators against the rainfall rate measurements from the ground-based disdrometer. We found that Colorado State University's blended rainfall rate algorithm, with adjustments to the coefficients used by the algorithm made in accordance with the disdrometer observations, provided the best estimate of rainfall for these storms.