Aerosol IOP

1 May 2003 - 31 May 2003

Lead Scientist: Richard Ferrare

Observatory: SGP

To gain improved understanding and model-based representation of aerosol radiative influences an IOP (Intensive Observational Period) was conducted at the Department of Energy's Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Southern Great Plains Site in north central Oklahoma, in May 2003. This experiment used ground and airborne measurements of aerosol absorption, scattering, and extinction over the ARM SGP site to characterize the routine ARM aerosol measurements, and help resolve differences between measurements and models of diffuse irradiance at the surface. The assessments of aerosol optical thickness and aerosol absorption was carried out in conjunction with measurements of downwelling direct and diffuse irradiance as a function of wavelength and altitude. The IOP carried out a variety of closure experiments on aerosol optical properties and their radiative influence. Measurements of the aerosol chemical composition and size distribution allowed testing of the ability to reconstruct optical properties from these measurements. Additional effort was directed toward measurement of cloud condensation nucleus concentration as a function of supersaturation and relating CCN concentration to aerosol composition and size distribution. This relation was central to description of the aerosol indirect effect.

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Campaign Data Sets

IOP Participant Data Source Name Final Data
William Arnott Desert Research Institute - airborne photo-acoustic aerosol extinction Order Data
William Arnott Desert Research Institute - ground based instruments Order Data
Anthony Bucholtz Aircraft Solar and IR Radiometers Order Data
Thomas Cahill DRUM aerosol sampler Order Data
Don Collins Tandem Differential Mobility Analyzer Order Data
David Covert Nephelometer, absorption photometer, humidograph Order Data
Robert Elleman Twin Otter Order Data
Richard Ferrare Raman Lidar Best Estimate Order Data
James Hudson CCN spectrometers Order Data
Dan Imre Aerosol mass spectrometer AMS and SPLAT-MS Order Data
Qiang (Jack) Ji Surface-sensing Measurements for Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Order Data
Haflidi Jonsson Cloud and Aerosol Spectrometer Order Data
Haflidi Jonsson Forward-Scatter Spectrometer Probe Order Data
Haflidi Jonsson Passive Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer Order Data
Evgueni Kassianov MFRSR Order Data
Thomas Kirchstetter Aerosol Filter Sampler for ATN Order Data
Thomas Kirchstetter Aerosol Filter Sampler for TC,BC Order Data
Yin-Nan Lee Aerosol Chemical Composition Measurement using PILS-IC-TOC Order Data
Joseph Michalsky Diffuse Pyranometer Order Data
Joseph Michalsky Normal Incidence Multi-filter Radiometer Order Data
Joseph Michalsky Normal Incidence Pyrheliometer Order Data
Joseph Michalsky Surface Spectral Albedo Order Data
Peter Pilewskie Solar Spectral Flux Radimeter Order Data
Tracey Rissman CNN Counters - Flight Order Data
Beat Schmid Ames Airborne 14-channel Sunphotometer Order Data
Patrick Sheridan Integrating nephelometer, condensation particle counter Order Data
Patrick Sheridan Platt Radiometer Order Data
James Slusser UV Rotating Shadowband Radiometer Order Data
Anthony Strawa Ames CRD Extinction/Scattering Order Data
Alexander Trishchenko Spectrometer ASD FieldSpecFR Order Data
Timothy VanReken CNN Counter - Ground Order Data
Jian Wang Scanning mobility particle sizer Order Data
Stephen Wilcox Absolute Cavity Radiometer Order Data