EPCAPE - Ultrafine Particle Properties

15 April 2023 - 15 June 2023

Lead Scientist: James Smith

Observatory: amf

This campaign combines a unique suite of instruments to probe the chemical and physical properties of ultrafine (sub-100-nm) atmospheric particles during the EPCAPE-Chem IOP (15 April to 15 June 2023) at the Mt. Soledad site near San Diego, California. This project will answer the questions:

  • What is the composition of ultrafine marine aerosol particles?
  • How does their composition relate to climatically important properties?

Our approach will combine direct measurements of size-fractionated ultrafine particles together with measurements of size-resolved ultrafine particle hygroscopicity and volatility. While the focus of this project is on the formation and evolution of ultrafine particles in a marine setting, the measurements and insights gained will be directly applicable to the formation and evolution of larger particles, with implications for air quality and climate in this important coastal region.