The SPARTICUS field campaign seeks to collect a substantial series of data sets—profiling cirrus ice crystal size and distribution—during routine flights by the SPEC Learjet 25 over the ACRF Southern Great Plains (SGP) site. Evaluating these data sets, in conjunction with concurrent data from ground-based instruments at the SGP site, will allow scientists to develop improved algorithms for processing cirrus data, leading to a better understanding of the radiative effects of cirrus clouds on global climate.

Airborne Instruments

The following instruments will be mounted on the SPEC Learjet 25 for the SPARTICUS campaign.

Category Measurement Instrument Sponsor
Atmospheric Profiling Atmospheric and Aircraft State Parameters Rosemount and AIMMS-20 SPEC
Humidity Diode Laser Hygrometer (DLH) NASA
Turbulence AIMMS-20 SPEC
Cloud Properties Ice Habit and Particle Size Distribution (PSD) Cloud Particle Imager
Ice Water Content Deep Cone Nevzorov or Cloud Spectrometer and Impactor AAF
PSD: 0.1 – 3.0 µm Passive Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer Probe (PCASP) AAF
PSD: 1 – 50 µm Fast – Forward-Scatter Spectrometer Probe (F-FSSP) SPEC
PSD: 2 – 50 µm Cloud Droplet Probe (CDP) AAF
PSD: 10 – 3000 µm 2D Stereo Probe (2D-S) SPEC
PSD: 200 – 6400 µm 2D Precipitation Probe (2DP) SPEC

For a list of instruments from past AAF campaigns, see Airborne Observations.

Critical Ground-based Instruments

The following ground-based instruments will provide critical comparative data to the airborne measurements obtained during SPARTICUS. They are part of the baseline instrument suite at the SGP site.

Category Measurement Instrument
Atmospheric Profiling Atmospheric moisture and temperature, longwave spectral brightness temperature and radiance Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (AERI)
Atmospheric moisture, backscattered radiation, cloud base height, cloud top height, et al. Raman Lidar (RL)
Cloud Properties Backscattered radiation, cloud base height, cloud top height, et al. Micropulse Lidar (MPL)
Cloud boundaries, radar doppler and reflectivity, vertical velocity Millimeter Wavelength Cloud Radar (MMCR)