Guidelines : Small Campaigns


The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility accepts proposals for small campaigns (i.e., cost to ARM is less than $300k) throughout the year. Small campaigns may include activities, such as:

  • deployment of principal investigator instrumentation at an ARM fixed or mobile observatory;
  • special scanning of an ARM radar or lidar;
  • enhanced radiosonde launches;
  • deployment of small unmanned aerial systems (UAS) at an ARM observatory;
  • collection of aerosol or precipitation samples at an ARM observatory;
  • use of ARM instrumentation for an offsite campaign; or
  • request for special data products.

The timing for submitting a proposal depends on the size and complexity of the proposal and the timing of the request relative to the review cycle. For example, a small (level 1) campaign may take approximately 3 to 6 months from submission to implementation depending on those factors. We have provided a proposal deadlines calendar to estimate when you should submit a proposal to begin a campaign by a particular date.

Deadlines and Reviews

Deadlines and requirements for review and approval are based on the complexity and location of the campaign. Full reviews and decisions on proposals will be conducted on a periodic basis according to the proposal level assigned by the ARM Infrastructure Management Board (IMB). Please ensure that the proposed start date of your campaign leaves adequate time for the review and approval process.

First Step

To begin, propose a field campaign by submitting a preproposal—a short summary of the proposed campaign. The preproposal will be reviewed by the IMB, who will determine the logistical costs to ARM and whether an abbreviated or full proposal is required.

The initial review of the proposal and a response to the principal investigator indicating next steps (e.g., request for clarifying information, request for abbreviated or full proposal, or review of the timeline) will normally be communicated within 4 weeks.

Levels of Small Proposals

Level 1

  • Cost to ARM is less than $25K.
  • May be reviewed and approved by the IMB based on preproposal.
  • Reviewed quarterly.
  • Campaign may start 30 days after approval.

Level 2

  • Cost to ARM is $25-$100K
  • Abbreviated proposal may be required.
  • Reviewed by IMB and ad hoc peer review.
  • Reviewed quarterly.
  • Campaign may start 60 days after approval.

Level 3

  • Cost to ARM is $100-$300K.
  • Abbreviated or full proposal may be required.
  • Reviewed by ad hoc peer review or ARM Science Board members.
  • Reviewed semi-annually.
  • Campaign may start 90 days after approval.
  • Science plan required after approval.

Research Funding

ARM provides use of facility resources for campaigns, but does not provide research funding associated with the campaign.

The principal investigator should demonstrate in the preproposal that funding for research is secured already or that a research grant is being submitted. Approved campaigns for which research funding has not been obtained will be held for 1 year for the principal investigator to obtain funding; after that time, principal investigators must resubmit their proposals for approval.