VAP : MPL: data averaged to fixed 30 second interval, e.g. for polarized data (MPLAVG)

Instrument Categories
Cloud Properties

Output Products

  • mplpolavg : Micropulse Lidar polarized (MPLPOL) data averaged to fixed 30 second interval

Primary Measurements

The following measurements are those considered scientifically relevant.


North Slope Alaska
NSAC1Browse DataCentral Facility, Barrow AK
Southern Great Plains
SGPC1Browse DataCentral Facility, Lamont, OK
Tropical Western Pacific
TWPC1Browse DataCentral Facility, Manus I., PNG
TWPC2Browse DataCentral Facility, Nauru Island
TWPC3Browse DataCentral Facility, Darwin, Australia
ARM Mobile Facility
FKBM1Browse DataBlack Forest, Germany
GRWM1Browse DataGraciosa Island, Azores, Portugal
HFEM1Browse DataShouxian, Anhui, China


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Connor Flynn
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