swfluxanal: Shortwave Flux Analysis

swfluxThe SW (shortwave) Flux Analysis VAP applies a clear-sky detection and fitting technique (Long and Ackerman 2000) to data from broadband SW radiometers located at the Southern Great Plains observatory. This technique uses hemispheric, broadband total- and diffuse-shortwave irradiance measurements to identify clear-sky periods using the known characteristics of typical clear-sky irradiance time series. These clear-sky estimates are then used to infer the effect of cloudiness on the measured downwelling SW at 1-minute resolution for daylight hours. The 1-minute resolution analysis also includes data quality assessment that goes beyond standard min/max/delta and component comparison testing. The SW Flux Analysis VAP also uses a technique (Long et al. 1999) to infer average fractional sky cover at 15-minute resolution for solar elevation angles 10° or greater.

For more details, see The Shortwave (SW) Clear-Sky Detection and Fitting Algorithm: Algorithm Operational Details and Explanations technical report.


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brs: Broadband Radiometer Station

siros: Solar and Infrared Radiation Observation Station Instruments

sirs: Solar and Infrared Radiation Station

skyrad: Sky Radiometers on Stand for Downwelling Radiation