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The Radiatively Important Parameters Best Estimate (RIPBE) VAP combines multiple input datastreams, each with their own temporal and vertical resolution, to create a complete set of radiatively important parameters on a uniform vertical and temporal grid with quality control and source information for use as input to a radiative transfer model. One of the main drivers for RIPBE was to create input files for the BroadBand Heating Rate Profiles (BBHRP) VAP, but we also envision use of RIPBE files for user-run radiative transfer codes, as part of cloud/aerosol retrieval test-beds, and as input to averaged datastreams for model evaluation.

The original RIPBE value-added product (VAP) contains vertical profiles of cloud, aerosol, temperature, and water vapor; band-averaged surface albedo; mixing-ratios of CO2 and other trace gases; and observed surface fluxes at 1-min resolution.

In summer 2012, updates to the RIPBE VAP were made to add flags indicating precipitation and mixed-phase cloud conditions. Additionally, a new RIPBE average product was created. This product, designed to be used for flux closure evaluation in concert with the Broadband Heating Rate Profiles (BBHRP) product, includes 30-min averages of all RIPBE parameters. The 30-min average period is matched with that of the BBHRP average product and is centered on the geostationary satellite observing time.

Details of the RIPBE procedure, quality control flags, source information, and averaging procedure can be found in the draft Technical Report included in the data directory. The RIPBE products have been implemented for a five-year period (Mar 2002 to June 2007) at the Southern Great Plains site.

The 1 minute data product is now available in the regular ARM Archive. The 30 minute data product is still being evaluated. While comments on ARM data products are welcome at any time, the current versions of the RIPBE files are in an evaluation period. Comments received by Oct 31, 2012 will receive priority in the next update of these products.


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Content time range 28 February 2002 - 31 July 2007


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