lclheight: Lifting Condensation Level Height

The Lifting Condensation Level Height (LCLHEIGHT) value-added product (VAP) computes LCL heights from continuous surface-air observations at ARM’s Southern Great Plains (SGP) atmospheric observatory.

LCLHEIGHT is used as input to the Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) ARM Symbiotic Simulation and Observation (LASSO) activity. Within LASSO, the LCL helps with identifying clouds coupled to the surface and evaluating the large-eddy simulation’s LCL height in the context of regional LCL variability.

The VAP computes LCL heights from continuous, 1-minute measurements of surface atmospheric state at 16 SGP facilities and 133 Oklahoma Mesonet environmental monitoring stations. LCLHEIGHT also includes the associated surface pressure, air temperature, and moisture content in the form of relative humidity.


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