aerioe: AERIoe Thermodynamic Profile and Cloud Retrieval

The Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer Optimal Estimation (AERIOE) value-added product (VAP) provides boundary-layer profiles of temperature and water vapor mixing ratio and liquid cloud retrievals.

AERIOE helps retrieve profiles in both clear and cloudy conditions so users can better understand the processes taking place in the boundary layer. The high-time-resolution retrievals of boundary-layer thermodynamic profiles provide new information about the evolution of the boundary layer that is difficult to measure. Improved liquid water path retrievals in optically thin clouds from AERIOE allow better quantification of cloud microphysical properties in clouds such as shallow cumulus.

The AERIOE retrieval algorithm (Turner and Löhnert 2014; Turner and Blumberg 2019) uses an optimal estimation framework to derive cloud and thermodynamic profiles using AERI radiances and additional inputs.



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