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The impact disdrometer collects observations of the drop size spectra of rainfall. The sensor transforms the mechanical impact of each drop into an electrical pulse. With calibration, the size of each pulse is interpreted as the diameter of the observed drop.

ARM also deploys laser disdrometers (LDIS) and video disdrometers (VDIS). Data from all these instruments help improve the quantitative description of precipitation processes in climate models.


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Active Locations

Facility Name Start Date
Central Facility, Lamont, OK 2006-04-11
Lamont, OK (Extended and Co-located with C1) 2017-01-09

Data Details

Contact Mary Jane Bartholomew
Resource(s) Data Directory
Content time range 11 January 2006 - 29 November 2022


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Research Highlight


Wang D, M Bartholomew, SE Giangrande, and JC Hardin. 2021. Analysis of Three Types of Collocated Disdrometer Measurements at the ARM Southern Great Plains Observatory. Ed. by Robert Stafford, ARM user facility. DOE/SC-ARM-TR-275. 10.2172/1828172.

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Research Highlight

Krishnamurthy R, R Newsom, D Chand, and WJ Shaw. 2021. Boundary Layer Climatology at ARM Southern Great Plains. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. PNNL-30832. 10.2172/1779279.

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