ccn-air: Cloud Condensation Nuclei Particle Counter aboard Aircraft

The cloud condensation nuclei counter measures the concentration of aerosol particles by drawing an air sample through a column with thermodynamically unstable supersaturated water vapor that can condense onto aerosol particles. Particles that are activated, i.e., grown larger in the process, are counted and sized by an optical particle counter (OPC). In this way the CCN measures activated ambient aerosol particle number concentration as a function of supersaturation.

ARM deploys both ground and airborne versions of this instrument. The AAF only operates the two-column version of the CCN. This handbook covers only the airborne instrument; the ground version is covered by DOE/SC-ARM-TR-168. The main differences between the two are that the airborne CCN operates at fixed supersaturation and adapts thermal efficiency calculation in the data process.



  • Fixed
  • AMF1
  • AMF2
  • AMF3


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