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The data from four sensors were used to create a merged aerosol size distribution product named Best Estimate Aerosol Size Distribution (BEASD). Two aerosol spectrometers were used as a primary data source: the fast integrated mobility spectrometer (FIMS; 10 to 600 nm, 30 log-spaced bins, 16.31 bins per decade) and the passive cavity aerosol spectrometer (PCASP; 0.095 to 2.9 µm size range). Two cloud probes were used as a secondary source to cover the supermicron size range: the cloud aerosol spectrometer (CAS; 0.55 to 12.73 µm) and the fast cloud droplet probe (FCDP; 0.75 to 13.49 µm).

Primary Measurements


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