VAP : Merged Sounding (MERGESONDE)

Instrument Categories
Atmospheric Profiling

Plot for Merged Sounding VAP

The Merged-Sounding VAP uses a combination of observations from radiosonde soundings, microwave radiometers, surface meteorological instruments, and European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) model output. Sophisticated scaling/interpolation/smoothing techniques are employed to define profiles of the atmospheric thermodynamic state at 1-minute intervals and at 266 altitude levels.

For more details, read the Merged Sounding Value-Added Product technical report.

Output Products

  • mergesonde1mace : Merged Sounding profiles derived with first Mace algorithm
  • mergesonde2mace : Merged Sounding profiles derived with second Mace algorithm

Primary Measurements

The following measurements are those considered scientifically relevant.


North Slope Alaska
NSAC1Browse DataCentral Facility, Barrow AK
Southern Great Plains
SGPC1Browse DataCentral Facility, Lamont, OK
Tropical Western Pacific
TWPC1Browse DataCentral Facility, Manus I., PNG
TWPC2Browse DataCentral Facility, Nauru Island
TWPC3Browse DataCentral Facility, Darwin, Australia
ARM Mobile Facility
FKBM1Browse DataBlack Forest, Germany
GANM1Browse DataGan Airport, Gan Island, Maldives
GRWM1Browse DataGraciosa Island, Azores, Portugal
HFEM1Browse DataShouxian, Anhui, China
NIMM1Browse DataNiamey, Niger
PYEM1Browse DataPoint Reyes, CA


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