Great White Instrument Platform

Platforms were built to hosts the instruments and protect the tundra beneath them. One of the first platforms in Barrow, the Great White Instrument Platform is the main platform for the site and houses the majority of the meteorological instrumentation.

Scanning ARM Cloud Radar Instrument Platform

The Scanning ARM Cloud Radar Instrument Platform is home to the cloud radars at the North Slope of Alaska site.

Autosonde Launcher

Site operators use the automated balloon-borne sounding system, or SONDE, to launch weather balloons twice a day at the North Slope of Alaska site. Radiosondes attached to the balloons provide vertical profiles of both the thermodynamic state of the atmosphere and wind speed and direction. This automated launcher is capable of launching as many as 24 balloons before requiring restocking.

Radar Wind Profiler Instrument Platform

Not only home to the radar wind profiler, this platform also hosts a sunphotometer, surface meteorology instrumentation and microwave radiometer profiler.

Eddy Correlation Flux System & Meteorological Tower

The Eddy Correlation Flux Measurement system provides in situ, 30-minute measurements of the surface turbulent fluxes of momentum, sensible heat, latent heat, and carbon dioxide. The fluxes are obtained with the eddy covariance technique, which involves correlation of the vertical wind component with the horizontal wind component, air temperature, the water vapor density, and the carbon dioxide concentration

A 40-m triangular tower at the North Slope of Alaska at Barrow hosts a variety of meteorological instruments that measure temperature, humidity, water vapor, and carbon dioxide.

Aerosol Observing System

Aerosol data from the North Slope of Alaska are provided through a collaborative effort with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Earth System Research Laboratory. The ARM user facility hosts these data as Aerosol Observing System in the ARM Data Archive.