Guest Instrument Facility

ARM's Guest Instrument Facility at the SGP site near Lamont, Oklahoma.
ARM's Guest Instrument Facility at the SGP site near Lamont, Oklahoma.

The Southern Great Plains (SGP) guest instrument facility was established in 2002 to support the needs of visiting scientists to the SGP site. In addition to the data gathered from the in-situ and remote-sensing instrument clusters arrayed across the approximately 55,000-square-mile site, scientists can gather data using their own instrument platforms set up at the guest trailer. Ideally suited to support a wide range of experiments, the facility is outfitted with enough power, network connectivity, telephones, and UPS outlets to support the needs of many scientists/instruments at one time. The guest facility also features a climate-controlled main building, an elevated instrument platform, and a concrete instrument patio, all of which are described in more detail below.


Features of the actual guest building (internal building diagram) include the following:

An internal view of the guest trailer.
An internal view of the guest trailer.
  • 50 ft. x 25 ft., 8-ft. ceiling height
  • Climate controlled
  • Well lighted
  • Tables and chairs available
  • UPS and raw power available

    • 9 - UPS 120V/60Hz/20A outlets - 6-ft. wall spacing
    • 4 kVA UPS (shared capacity)
    • 120/240VAC, single-phase raw power available
  • Network connectivity

    • 24 - 10/100 Ethernet drops
  • Telephone

    • 4 - telephone jacks ( no dial-up modem usage allowed)

Elevated Instrument Platform

In addition to the climate controlled building, the guest facility offers:

  • 30 ft. x 15 ft. x 12 ft. tall elevated instrument platform located on the north side of the building. Maximum instrument height is 6 in. from the deck surface.
  • 2 (pi) Steradian unobstructed field of view
  • Outside AC power (UPS and unconditioned) from weatherproof receptacles located every 10 ft. around the deck perimeter
  • Network connectivity available

Concrete Instrument Patio

A concrete instrument patio area located on the south side of the building is also available. It offers the following:

  • 50 ft. x 12 ft. area located on the south side of the building
  • AC power and network connectivity available via cable passages
  • Field of view - Unobstructed from 90 degrees (east) to 270 degrees (west); horizon to horizon
  • Loading dock access for pickup trucks

If you would like more information, please contact Rod Soper, ARM SGP Facilities Coordinator, at 580-388-4053.