SGP Intermediate Facility

For over 20 years, 3 intermediate facilities, within 6.2 miles (10 km) of the Central Facility, provided a three-dimensional mapping network of the atmosphere and of the cloud fields in the vicinity of the Central Facility. These original intermediate facilities included radar wind profilers, which specifically supported SGP investigations of radiative transfer in partly cloudy conditions; these facilities were retired in April of 2011.

With funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the SGP site received an unprecedented suite of precipitation radars that are the cornerstones of the new intermediate facilities. Radar wind profilers from decommissioned sites are installed in new locations.

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Current list of Intermediate Facility instruments.


Site Designation* Nearest Town Status
I1 Beaumont Removed 4/12/2011
I4 Billings Active
I6 Deer Creek Active
I5 Garber Active
I2 Medicine Lodge Removed 4/11/2011
I3 Meeker Removed 4/11/2011
I7 Nardin Active
I8 Tonkawa Active
I9 Billings Active
I10 Lamont Active

*NOTE: Site designations are used in datastream naming conventions for the instruments located at these facilities. Each designation is only used once and assigned sequentially; gaps in numeric order may exist because planned sites were never opened.