Field Validation of Cloud Properties Sensor

1 March 2020 - 1 March 2021

Lead Scientist: Stephen Jones

Observatory: sgp, sgp

Aerodyne Research will deploy our near infrared enhanced version of our Three Waveband Spectrally Agile Technique Sensor (TWST-EN) at the Southern Great Plains facility (SGP) for duration of February 2020 to February 2021. TWST-EN is a spectroradiometer that covers the 400-1600 nm waveband and can retrieve cloud optical depth (COD), droplet effective radius and thermodynamic phase. Our primary technical objective is to validate TWST-EN by deploying it for an extended period at SGP in order to perform extensive measurement and retrieval comparisons with other co-located instruments. The following is a short summary:

  • SASze – Shortwave spectroradiometer very similar to TWST-EN. Spectral radiance, COD, Reff and phase.
  • AERI – Passive infrared radiometer with the optimal estimation (AERIoe) value added product (VAP). LWP, Reff.
  • MWR, MWR3C – Microwave radiometers, MWRRET (VAP). LWP, Reff.
  • TSI – Total Sky Imager. Cloud fraction, optically thick/thin ambiguity reduction.
  • MPL, CEIL – Micropulse Lidar and ceilometer. Layer and mixed phase information.
  • AERONET CIMEL® in Cloud Mode – COD

characterized and it operates in a temperature-controlled environment. TWST-EN is a field instrument that communicates with a data acquisition computer that is in the temperature-controlled environment. Spectral radiance comparisons with SASze during widely varying environmental conditions will be of primary importance. TWST-EN has been designed to be a lower cost alternative SASze with a goal of being an affordable option for widespread deployment.