3D Shortwave Radiative Transfer in the Multiscale Modelling Framework

Jason Cole Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis
Howard Barker Environment Canada
Marat Khairoutdinov Stony Brook University
David Randall Colorado State University

Category: Modeling

A Multiscale Modelling Framework (MMF) global climate model (GCM) resembles a conventional GCM in all respects except its subgrid-scale parametrization of cloud is replaced by two-dimensional cloud system-resolving models (CSRMs). Radiative transfer through the CSRM domains is computed currently by the Independent Column Approximation. However, because the CSRM fields are available, it is possible to perform radiative transfer calculations using a three-dimensional (3D) algorithm. In this poster, we describe the methods used to implement a shortwave Monte Carlo radiative transfer model into the MMF GCM. Results will be shown for short (approximately 2 weeks) MMF simulations that were run using the ICA and the 3D solar transfer models.

This poster will be displayed at ARM Science Team Meeting.

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