Poster Abstract of the Seventeenth Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Science Team Meeting

ARM-CONF-2007, March 2007 Monterey, California

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  • 10 Years of External Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ma, L., Wagener, R., Gregory, L., Liang, M., Tilp, A., and Cialella, A.
  • A Comparison of Broad-band Fluxes at the Main and Auxiliary AMF Sites During the RADAGAST Campaign. ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Settle, J.
  • A Comparison of Cloud Radar Profiles of Cloud Occurrence with MMF Simulated Radar Profiles as a Function of the Large-Scale Atmospheric State ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Marchand, R., Beagley, N., and Ackerman, T.
  • A Comparison of Satellite-Based Multilayered Cloud Detection Methods ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Minnis, P., Chang, F., Khaiyer, M., Ayers, J., Palikonda, R., Yi, H., and Huang, J.
  • A Comparison of Surface and TOA Cloud Forcings Computed Using Several Cirrus Cloud Property Retrievals ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Schwartz, M., Mace, G., Marchand, R., McFarlane, S., Shupe, M., Matrosov, S., Deng, M., Zhang, Y., Minnis, P., and Long, C.
  • Advances in the Broadband Heating Rate Profile (BBHRP) VAP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mlawer, E., Clough, S., Delamere, J., Miller, M., Johnson, K., Troyan, D., Jensen, M., Bartholomew, M., Shippert, T., Long, C., Flynn, C., Sivaraman, C., Comstock, J., Turner, D., Heck, P., Rutan, D., Khaiyer, M., Xie, S., Klein, S., Zhang, M., Ferrare, R., Liljegren, J., Michalsky, J., Shupe, M., and Minnis, P.
  • Aerosol-Cloud Interactions at Point Reyes, California ABSTRACT
    McComiskey, A., Feingold, G., Frisch, S., Min, Q., Turner, D., and Miller, M.
  • Aerosol and Thermodynamic Controls on Tropical Cloud Systems During TWPICE and ACTIVE ABSTRACT
    May, P., Vaughan, G., Allen, G., Choularton, T., and Connolly, P.
  • Aerosol and Water Vapor Measurements Acquired by the Upgraded SGP Raman Lidar During ALIVE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ferrare, R., Turner, D., Clayton, M., Petty, D., Flynn, C., and Schmid, B.
  • A GCM Intercomparison Involving the Monte Carlo Independent Column Approximation (McICA) ABSTRACT
    Barker, H., Cole, J., Morcrette, J., Pincus, R., and Raisanen, P.
  • Airborne G-Band (183 GHz) Water Vapor Radiometer ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Pazmany, A. and Wolde, M.
  • Algorithms for Processing and Correcting Cloud Microphysical Data Collected During TWP-ICE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Freer, M.
  • A Long-term Cloud Microphysical Properties Dataset for Arctic Cloud Study Based on ACRF NSA Site Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wang, Z., Miao, Q., and Zhao, M.
  • A Measurement-Based Cirrus Size Distribution Scheme for Use in Cloud Resolving and Climate Models ABSTRACT
    Mitchell, D., Baker, B., and Lawson, P.
  • A Model on Cloud-Radiation Interaction in the Upper Troposphere ABSTRACT
    Zeng, X.
  • Analysis of Bimodal Aerosol Size Distributions at SGP Using RSS 105 and CIMEL Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Gianelli, S., Lacis, A., and Carlson, B.
  • Analyzing the Simulations of Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds with the NASA GISS SCM ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Sednev, I. and Menon, S.
  • An Attempt to Distinguish Dynamical and Microphysical Contributions to the Radiative Properties of Cirrus Clouds at the ACRF SGP Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ivanova, K. and Ackerman, T.
  • An Empirical Method for Estimating Thin Cloud Optical Thickness ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Barnard, J., Long, C., McFarlane, S., Comstock, J., Kassianov, E., McFarquhar, G., and Freer, M.
  • An Evaluation of the MMCR Doppler Spectra-based Hydrometeor Phase Classifier ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Luke, E., Kollias, P., and Shupe, M.
  • A New 90/150-GHz Radiometer (MWRHF) for Water Vapor and Liquid Water Path Retrieval ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cadeddu, M. and Liljegren, J.
  • A New Approach to Interpret Measurements of Spectral Surface Reflectance Around ACRF Central Facility ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Knyazikhin, Y., Marshak, A., Chiu, J., Huang, D., Wiscombe, W., and Pilewskie, P.
  • A New Technique for Studying Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in Marine Stratocumulus ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ghate, V., Albrecht, B., and Kollias, P.
  • Annual Variation of the Surface Energy Balance in the Sahel ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Miller, R.
  • An Overview of Accomplishments at the ARM Climate Research Facility Southern Great Plains During 2006 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Orr, B., Rusk, D., and Sisterson, D.
  • An Overview of the SGP Tandem Differential Mobility Analyzer ABSTRACT
    Collins, D. and Spencer, C.
  • An Unconventional 1D Model for Bulk Time-Dependent Radiation Transport in Complex Cloud Scenes, with a Validation Test Using Ground-Based Observations of Solar Photon Path Length Statistics ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Davis, A. and Pfeilsticker, K.
  • Anvil Properties of Monsoonal and Break Deep Convection During TWP-ICE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Fridlind, A. and Ackerman, A.
  • Approximation of Cloud Drop Distributions by Analytical Functions ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kogan, Y., Mechem, D., and Kogan, Z.
  • Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds Simulated by a Cloud Resolving Model: Comparison with ARM Observations and Sensitivity to Microphysics Parameterization ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Luo, Y. and Xu, K.
  • ARM/NREL Pyrgeometer Calibrations with Traceability to the World Infrared Standard Group (WISG) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Reda, I. and Webb, C.
  • ARM Climate Research Facilities on the North Slope of Alaska: Field Campaigns in 2007, New Facilities, and the International Polar Year ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ivey, M., Zak, B., Zirzow, J., Verlinde, J., Brower, W., Ivanoff, J., Whiteman, D., Sassen, K., and Truffer-Moudra, D.
  • ARM Cloud Radars--A Year in Review and a Look to the Future ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Widener, K. and Johnson, K.
  • ARM LES Testbed Prototype: Multi-Scale WRF Simulations of Boundary Layer Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhu, P., Kollias, P., and Albrecht, B.
  • ARM Mobile Facility Deployment in China 2008: Aerosol Indirect Effects Under a Hazy Environment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Li, Z. and Stephens, G.
  • ARM Radar Simulator: a Tool for Comparison of Modeled and Observed Clouds and Precipitation at the ARM Climate Research Facilities ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kollias, P. and Luke, E.
  • Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program Raman Lidar at Southern Great Plains: Performance and Status of the Derived Products ABSTRACT
    Petty, D., Turner, D., Goldsmith, J., Russo, F., and Whiteman, D.
  • A Total Precipitation Sensor at the Barrow ACRF Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zirzow, J., Truffer-Moudra, D., and Ivey, M.
  • BBHRP Assessment Using Ground Measurements and Satellite-based High Spectral Resolution Infrared Observations in Clear Sky Conditions ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Revercomb, H., Holz, R., Knuteson, R., Moy, L., Tobin, D., and Turner, D.
  • Boundary Layers in Deep Precipitating Convective Cloud Systems ABSTRACT
    Krueger, S., Sun, R., Bogenschutz, P., and Zulauf, M.
  • CAM3 Simulations for TWP-ICE Using the CAPT Framework ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Potter, G.
  • CCN Spectral Measurements During MASE ABSTRACT
    Hudson, J.
  • Characteristic Atmospheric Profiles at the SGP Site: Results from the ARM Continuous Forcing and Two Climate Models ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Pincus, R., Braverman, A., and Batstone, C.
  • Characterization of Dust Type and Properties at Niamey, Niger Using AERI Downwelling Infrared Radiance Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bedka, S. and Turner, D.
  • Cirrus Cloud Flux Study Using Lidar/Radar/AERI Derived Cloud Properties ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Tobin, D., Turner, D., Borg, L., Holz, R., Moy, L., Revercomb, H., and Knuteson, R.
  • Cirrus Production by Mesoscale Convective Systems Sampled During TWP-ICE: Analysis Via Water Budget Equations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cetrone, J. and Houze, R.
  • Clarifying and Implementing a Stricter DOD Definition Across Datastreams ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Sivaraman, C., Ermold, B., and Macduff, M.
  • Cloud Droplet Nucleation and the Aerosol First Indirect Effect ABSTRACT
    Miller, M., Dunn, M., Bartholomew, M., Kollias, P., Ogren, J., Chiu, J., Turner, D., and Daum, P.
  • Cloud Thermodynamic Phase Profiles in Midlatitudes ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Naud, C., Del Genio, A., Haeffelin, M., Morille, Y., and Noel, V.
  • Cloud Type and Cloud Phase Classification Using Ground-Based Active and Passive Remote Sensors ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lo, C., Comstock, J., and Wang, Z.
  • Cloud Vertical Distribution Derived from ARM and MODIS Observations and the NASA GISS Single Column Model (SCM) ABSTRACT
    Xi, B., Dong, X., Minnis, P., Sun-Mack, S., Chen, Y., Del Genio, A., and Wolf, A.
  • Clustering Analysis of Cloud Tropical Cloud Regimes in Measurements and Models ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Chen, Y. and Del Genio, A.
  • Comparing and Explaining Differences in Microphysical Properties of Single-layer and Multi-layer Boundary Clouds Observed During MPACE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhang, G., McFarquhar, G., Verlinde, J., Poellot, M., Kok, G., and Heymsfield, A.
  • Comparison of Aerosol Extinction Profiles from Micropulse Lidar, Raman Lidar, and NASA Ames Airborne Tracking Sun-Photometer During the 2005 Aerosol Lidar Validation Experiment (ALIVE) at SGP ABSTRACT
    Flynn, C., Mendoza, A., Ferrare, R., Turner, D., Petty, D., Clayton, M., Schmid, B., Johnson, R., and Truong, N.
  • Comparison of Aerosol Optical Depth from Passive and Active Measurements During the 2005 Aerosol Lidar Validation Experiment (ALIVE) at SGP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kiedron, P., Flynn, C., Ferrare, R., Holben, B., Michalsky, J., Schmid, B., and Slusser, J.
  • Comparison of Clear Sky Broadband Surface Albedo Derived from CERES(Broadband) and MODIS(Narrowband) Instruments on Board Terra Satellite ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Rutan, D., Charlock, T., Schaaf, C., Roman, M., and Rose, F.
  • Comparison of Cloud Fraction and Liquid Water Path Between ECMWF Simulations and ARM Long-term Observations at the NSA Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhao, M. and Wang, Z.
  • Comparison of Cloud Fraction and Radiation Fluxes Among the Surface Observation (ACRF SGP CF) and Two Climate Models: the GFDL AM2 and the NCAR CAM3 Forecast Data ABSTRACT
    Dong, X., Xi, B., and Klein, S.
  • Comparison of Low-order and Third-order Turbulence Closures in the Simulation of Shallow Cumulus Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Chen, A. and Xu, K.
  • Comparison of Surface Flux Observations with WRF Simulations ABSTRACT
    Caine, S., Siems, S., Beringer, J., Tapper, N., and Jakob, C.
  • Comparison of TWP-ICE and SCOUT-03 Field Campaign Aircraft and Satellite Derived Cloud Properties ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ayers, J., Minnis, P., Khaiyer, M., Spangenberg, D., Palikonda, R., Nguyen, L., Nordeen, M., Sun-Mack, S., Trepte, Q., and Streibel, M.
  • Convection Regimes During TWP-ICE and in the GISS GCM ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wu, J. and Del Genio, A.
  • Convective Regimes Derived from Cloud Radar Observations ABSTRACT
    Haynes, J., Stephens, G., and Wood, N.
  • Data System Metrics and Reporting ABSTRACT
    Beus, S., Keck, N., and Macduff, M.
  • Delivering Field Campaign Data: Improving Your One-Stop Shopping Experience ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jundt, R., Bates, C., Lazar, K., Palanisamy, G., Tichler, J., Cederwall, R., Horwedel, B., Wagener, R., and McCord, R.
  • Deriving ARM Model Forcing Data to Account for Uncertainties in Both Upper Air and Surface Measurements ABSTRACT
    Zhang, M.
  • Determination of Cloud Liquid Water Distribution with 3D Cloud Tomography ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Huang, D., Liu, Y., and Wiscombe, W.
  • Determination of Radial Moments of an Aerosol Size Distribution from Measurements of Light Scattering and Transmission ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lewis, E. and Schwartz, S.
  • Development of a Neural-Network for the Retrieval of Precipitable Water Vapor and Liquid Water Path from Combined Measurements at 22.8 and 183.3 GHz. ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Liljegren, J. and Cadeddu, M.
  • Disdrometer Rain Drop Statistics for Darwin and the Southern Great Plains Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bartholomew, M.
  • Dissecting Tropical Biases in Clouds and Convection in the NCAR CAM3 and CCSM3 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhang, G.
  • Diurnal Cycle of Deep Convection ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhang, Y. and Klein, S.
  • ECOR: Improvements and VAP; NIM Aircraft Effects and Solar Diurnal Tides ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cook, D.
  • Effects of Burning and Drought on Cycles of Carbon, Water, and Energy in Tall Grass Prairie at El Reno, OK ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Fischer, M., Billesbach, D., Torn, M., Mayeux, H., Northup, B., Doyle, G., and Dowell, P.
  • Effects of Different Representations of Autoconversion Threshold on Cloud-Resolving Model Results ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Guo, H.
  • Effects of Wild Fire Smoke on SIRS Shortwave Irradiance ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Stoffel, T., Anderberg, M., and Gray-Hann, P.
  • Erroneous Offset Corrections and Impact on MFRSR Measurements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Koontz, A., Flynn, C., Michalsky, J., Schmelzer, J., Hodges, G., Kiedron, P., and Alexandrov, M.
  • Estimating Broadband and Spectral Surface Albedo Using ARM Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Gaustad, K. and Long, C.
  • Evaluating Water Vapor in the NCAR CAM3 Climate Model with RRTMG/McICA Using Modeled and Observed AIRS Spectral Radiances ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Iacono, M.
  • Evaluation of an Infrared Sky Imager at the ACRF Southern Great Plains Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Morris, V. and Roeder, L.
  • Evaluation of Cirrus Statistics from General Circulation Models Using ARM Data ABSTRACT
    Mace, G., Hartsock, D., and Benson, S.
  • Evaluation of the Utility of Routine Lagrangian Trajectories as a Standard ARM External Data-Stream. ABSTRACT
    Wagener, R., Teich, H., Turner, D., and Bartholomew, M.
  • Examination of Aerosol Indirect Effects Under Contrasting Environments During the ACE-2 Experiment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Penner, J. and Guo, H.
  • Experiments with the New ECMWF PBL Scheme for a Marine Transition from Shallow to Deep Convection ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Neggers, R.
  • Exploring the Multi-Scale Aerosol/Cloud Interactions from ARM Measurements to Global Modeling ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Chuang, C., Chin, S., Xie, S., and Kelly, J.
  • Exploring the Validity of the ISSCP Simulator Using ARM Data ABSTRACT
    Houser, S., Mace, G., Benson, S., and Zhang, Q.
  • Fine and Coarse Mode Aerosol Parameters Retrieved from SGP MFRSR Network Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Alexandrov, M., Lacis, A., Carlson, B., and Cairns, B.
  • Finite Cloud Effects at the ACRF TWP Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Taylor, P. and Ellingson, R.
  • Further Development of Multi-Instrument Multi-Parameter Cloud Retrievals ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Austin, R., Wood, N., and Stephens, G.
  • Geoengineering, a Timely Remedy for Global Warming? ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lacis, A.
  • Google and GIS Integrated on the ARM Website: a Work in Progress ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cialella, A., Bates, C., Wagener, R., and Jundt, R.
  • Heating Profiles Derived from Cm-wavelength Radar During TWP-ICE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Schumacher, C. and Frederick, K.
  • Identifying and Modeling Clear-sky Fluxes from the AMF in Niamey ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bharmal, N., Slingo, A., and Robinson, G.
  • Impact of a New McICA Radiation Package in the ECMWF Forecasting System ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Morcrette, J.
  • Impacts of Improved Cloud Microphysics in GCM Simulations ABSTRACT
    Somerville, R. and Iacobellis, S.
  • Implementation of the New Probabilistic CuP Cumulus Parameterization ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Berg, L. and Gustafson, W.
  • Importance of Adiabaticity in Evaluating Aerosol Indirect Effect by Ground-based Remote Sensing ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kim, B., Miller, M., Schwartz, S., Liu, Y., and Min, Q.
  • Improved Understanding of Far-Infrared Radiative Processes Using NSA ACRF Measurements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Delamere, J., Clough, S., Mlawer, E., Moncet, J., Payne, V., and Turner, D.
  • Improvements to GOES-11 Twilight Cloud Detection over the ACRF SGP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Yost, C., Minnis, P., Trepte, Q., Khaiyer, M., Palikonda, R., and Nguyen, L.
  • Improving Global Climate Simulations Using a Cumulus Parameterization with Better Mixing Assumptions ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bretherton, C.
  • Incorporation of a Two-moment Cloud Microphysics Scheme Into WRF ABSTRACT
    Morrison, H., Curry, J., and Tatarskii, V.
  • Indirect Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign ABSTRACT
    Ghan, S., McFarquhar, G., Fridlind, A., Garrett, T., Turner, D., Shupe, M., Verlinde, J., Lubin, D., Xie, S., Mitchell, D., Flynn, C., Collins, D., Kok, G., Poellot, M., Hubbe, J., and Brooks, S.
  • Influence of Mixing on Evaluation of the Aerosol First Indirect Effect ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Shao, H. and Liu, G.
  • Investigation of Hurricane Precipitation Coverage with CloudSat and Its Impact on the Absorption of Solar NIR Radiation ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Evans, W. and Dunkerton, T.
  • Investigation of the Radiative Forcings of Thin Cirrus in the Tropical Atmosphere Using AIRS/ARM Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Yue, Q., Liou, K., and Gu, Y.
  • Is Aerosol Size or Chemistry More Important in Determining Droplet Number Concentrations? ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Chen, X. and Penner, J.
  • Lagrangian Diagnostics of Tropical Deep Convection and Its Effect Upon Upper Tropospheric Humidity ABSTRACT
    Horvath, A. and Soden, B.
  • LANL’s Wide-Angle Imaging Lidar (WAIL) for Active Cloud Probing: Instrument Enhancements and Further Data Analyses ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Love, S., Hale, T., Polonsky, I., and Davis, A.
  • Large-Scale 3-D Cloud Ice Water Features Determined by Combining Satellite and Surface Measurements During TWP-ICE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Liu, G. and Seo, E.
  • Large Eddy Observations and LES of Liquid Stratus over the ACRF ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mechem, D. and Kogan, Y.
  • Linux Software to Collect from New Campbell Data Logger ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Choudhury, S.
  • Magnitude of the Aerosol Shortwave Indirect Effect in Springtime Arctic Liquid Water Clouds ABSTRACT
    Lubin, D. and Vogelmann, A.
  • Marine Boundary Layer Cloud Properties from AMF Pt. Reyes Satellite Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jensen, M., Vogelmann, A., Luke, E., Minnis, P., Miller, M., Khaiyer, M., Nguyen, L., and Palikonda, R.
  • Measurements of Liquid Water Content with the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program Raman Lidar at Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Russo, F., Whiteman, D., and Turner, D.
  • Measurements of Small Ice Crystals During TWP-ICE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McFarquhar, G., Um, J., Freer, M., and Mace, G.
  • MFRSR Head Refurbishment, Data Logger Upgrade and Calibration Improvements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hodges, G. and Schmelzer, J.
  • MJO as Simulated by the CSU MMF: Sensitivity to Surface Boundary Conditions ABSTRACT
    Khairoutdinov, M. and Randall, D.
  • MODIS Albedo Temporal and Spatial Validation at the SGP Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Schaaf, C., Liu, J., Roman, M., and Strahler, A.
  • Multi-Moment Formulation of Autoconversion Process and Threshold Radar Reflectivity ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Liu, Y., Daum, P., McGraw, R., and Miller, M.
  • New DSView Application Based on Portal Technology ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Macduff, M. and Choudhury, S.
    McGraw, R., Liu, Y., and Daum, P.
  • Objective Variational Analysis for the Tropical Warm Pool International Cloud Experiment ABSTRACT
    Xie, S., McCoy, R., Klein, S., Hume, T., Jakob, C., Zhang, M., and Long, C.
  • Observations and Parameterization of Boundary Layer Structures and Clouds at the ARM TWP Nauru Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Albrecht, B., Kollias, P., and Ghate, V.
  • Observations of Cirrus Evolution from Convective Outflow During the Tropical Warm Pool-International Cloud Experiment (TWP-ICE) ABSTRACT
    Cohen, E., Mace, G., Benson, S., and McFarquhar, G.
  • Observations of the Impact of a Major Saharan Dust Storm on the Atmospheric Radiation Balance ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Slingo, A.
  • Observed Surface Reflectance Distributions in the Southern Great Plains During ALIVE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cairns, B., Lacis, A., Alexandrov, M., Carlson, B., and Schmid, B.
  • On Relationship Between Cumulus Cloud Fraction and Aerosol Optical Depth: a Five-Year Climatology at the ACRF SGP Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kassianov, E., Berg, L., and Flynn, C.
  • Optimization of the ACRF Data Management Facility ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Keck, N., Macduff, M., Martin, T., and Beus, S.
  • Particle Size Measurements Using Data from a High Spectral Resolution Lidar and a Millimeter Wavelength Radar. ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Eloranta, E.
  • Patterns of Convective Properties in the Tropics ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Vogelmann, A., Luke, E., Jensen, M., Kollias, P., and Boer, E.
  • Precipitation Measurements in Oklahoma Using In-Situ and Remote Sensing Instrumentation ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Chilson, P., Zhang, G., Schuur, T., Ryzhkov, A., Kanofsky, L., Cao, Q., and Van Every, M.
  • Predictive Capacity of Niamey Convective Parameters ABSTRACT
    Stramler, K. and Miller, M.
  • Probabilistic Evaluations of a Cloud System Model Using ARM Observations ABSTRACT
    Henderson, P. and Pincus, R.
  • RADAGAST: Into and Out of Africa ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Robinson, G. and Slingo, A.
  • Radiation Dry Bias in the TWP-ICE Radiosonde Soundings ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hume, T.
  • Radiative Forcing of Saharan Dust Aerosol at Niamey ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McFarlane, S., Ackerman, T., Kassianov, E., Flynn, C., and Turner, D.
  • Radiative Heating and the Associated Atmospheric Response During TWP-ICE ABSTRACT
    Mather, J. and McFarlane, S.
  • Raman-Shifted Eye-safe Aerosol Lidar (REAL) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mayor, S.
  • Regional Carbon Fluxes and Atmospheric Dynamics in the Southern Great Plains During the 2007 NACP Mid Continent Intensive and CLASIC ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Torn, M., Fischer, M., Riley, W., Jackson, T., Avissar, R., Biraud, S., Billesbach, D., Sweeney, C., and Tans, P.
  • Regional Gross and Net Ecosystem CO2 Flux Estimates in the Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Riley, W.
  • Relating the TWP-ICE Period to Darwin Climatology ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Long, C., Mather, J., and May, P.
  • Remote Sensing of Cloud Side of Deep Convective Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zinner, T., Marshak, A., Li, X., Lang, S., and GSFC, N.
  • Response of a CSRM to Varying Magnitudes of Shortwave Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer Noise ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cole, J., Barker, H., Petters, J., Khairoutdinov, M., and Clothiaux, E.
  • Results from the Ground-based Scanning Radiometer’s Deployments at the NSA in 2004 and 2007 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Westwater, E., Cimini, D., Klein, M., Leuski, V., and Gasiewski, A.
  • Results from the Sun and Aureole Measurement (SAM) Field Experiment at the ARM SGP Site, April 2006 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    DeVore, J. and McClatchey, R.
  • Retrievals and Comparisons of Various Sensor-and-Spectrum Inferred Stratus Cloud Droplet Effective Radius over the ARM SGP CART Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Chang, F., Minnis, P., Lin, B., Sun-Mack, S., Khaiyer, M., and Dong, X.
  • Saharan Dusts Suppress Convection and Precipitation ABSTRACT
    Min, Q., Li, R., Wang, S., Lin, B., and Joseph, E.
  • Saharan Dust Vertical Transport and Its Indirect Effects on Warm Clouds ABSTRACT
    Li, R. and Min, Q.
  • Satellite and Ground-Based Remote Sensing of Mineral Dust Using MODIS Thermal Infrared Window Brightness Temperatures and AERI Spectra ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hansell, R., Ou, S., Liou, K., Roskovensky, J., Tsay, S., Hsu, C., and Ji, Q.
  • Second Stage of the Longwave ICRCCM3: InterComparison of Radiation Codes in Climate Models for Clouds in the Longwave ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ellingson, R., Gu, J., Takara, E., and Kablick III, G.
  • Set Up and Operation of the AMF Site in the Black Forest During COPS ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wulfmeyer, V., Althausen, D., Behrendt, A., Crewell, S., Miller, M., Nitschke, K., Peters, G., and Turner, D.
  • Simulation and Observations of Mixed-Phase Arctic Stratus ABSTRACT, POSTER
    De Boer, G., Eloranta, E., Tripoli, G., and Hashino, T.
  • Single-scattering Properties of Aggregates of Plates from TWP-ICE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Um, J. and McFarquhar, G.
  • Snowfall Retrievals Using Millimeter-wavelength Cloud Radar (MMCR) Measurements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Matrosov, S. and Shupe, M.
  • Spatial Variability and Error Analysis of Spectral Surface Albedo Measured During MILAGRO ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Coddington, O., Schmidt, S., and Pilewskie, P.
  • Spearman Rank Correlations Between Boundary-layer Cloud Properties ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Eitzen, Z. and Xu, K.
  • Statistical Performance of Forecasting Models Across the North Slope of Alaska During the Mixed-Phase Arctic Cloud Experiment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Yannuzzi, V., Clothiaux, E., Verlinde, J., and Harrington, J.
  • Statistical Summaries of ARM Data for Climate Modelers - a New ARM Product ABSTRACT, POSTER
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