New generation of the SORTI instruments

Hawat, Tom Denver University
Murcray, Frank University of Denver

Category: Instruments

In order to generate long-term monitoring data of the atmospheric composition using SORTI instrument and integrated in the Aura validation campaign, a new instrument generation has been developed. SORTI is a Fourier Transform Spectrometer system, including an automatic solar tracker and a computer for control, data processing, and storage. SORTI is refurbished and operates to generate very high spectral resolution (~0.004 cm-1) infrared spectra (2.5 to 14 microns, 4000 to 750 cm-1) of the earth’s atmosphere using the sun as the external source. The instrument enables one to perform the operation of the spectrometric atmospheric observations in a remotely controlled or automatic way, without human presence at the measuring site. This new system is built using existing commercial hardware and software components, including the Bruker software for the operation of the spectrometer (OPUS) and runs on a computer (Microsoft) environment. The Aura satellite views the SGP site for calibration on a routine basis, where several observation geometries are foreseen, including solar absorption spectrometry. This paper describes the instrument hardware and software configuration.

This poster will be displayed at the ARM Science Team Meeting.