A comparison of cloudiness measures derived from longwave measurements and shortwave sky imagers

Takara, Ezra Florida State University
Ellingson, Robert Florida State University
Ma, Yingtao University of Maryland

Category: Cloud Properties

In the longwave, two measures of cloudiness for single layer clouds are the probability of clear line of sight (PCLoS) and the effective cloud fraction. As the name states, the PCLoS is the probability of a clear line of sight through a broken cloud field. The effectivecloud fraction is the fraction of the sky that is taken up by the clouds; this includes the portion blocked by the cloud sides as well as the fraction taken up by the cloud bases. The effective cloud fraction can be derived from measurements or from the PCLoS. Here the PCLoS obtained from the shortwave-based Total Sky Imager (TSI) for a set of single cloud fields will be used to compute the effective cloud fraction. This will be compared to the effective cloud fraction directly determined from longwave measurements.

This poster will be displayed at the ARM Science Team Meeting.