The Darwin ARM CART Site 2003 Platt IOP: Description and Correlation Between IR Radiance and Microwave Water Vapor Path

Platt, C.M.R.(a,b) and Bennett, J.A.(b), Colorado State University (a), CSIRO Atmospheric Research (b)

The operation of the CSIRO/ARM Mark II radiometer and the resultant quality of the data were tested during a six-month IOP from March to September 2003 at the Darwin TWP ARM CART site. The radiometer operated unattended for several long periods with some pauses for maintenance. The data were collected on the instrument hard disc and analysed at the CSIRO Atmospheric Research. The characteristics of the instrument, which also operated at the SGP in 2001, are described briefly, together with the calibration and general operational conditions. The quality and accuracy of the calibration are discussed together with plans for an upgraded system. The retrieved downward zenith radiances were compared with values calculated from routine radiosonde data and also with measured microwave water paths. A good correlation was obtained between radiance and microwave water path under clear conditions on selected days. Some comparisons were also made with the Heimann IR radiometer and differences with the CSIRO/ARM radiometer are discussed.

Note: This is the poster abstract presented at the meeting; an extended version was not provided by the author(s).