The Association of the Cirrus Properties Over the Western Tropical Pacific with Tropical Deep Convection

Deng, M.(a), Mace, G.G.(a), and Soden, B.J.(b), Univesity of Utah (a), Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (b)

The microphysical and radiative properties of upper tropospheric clouds in the tropics are known to have a substantial influence on climate. Observations from long term cloud radar measurements in the tropics show that upper tropospheric clouds are observed above 10 km as much as 40% of the time depending on location. By combining satellite observations with observations from the tropical ARM site on Nauru and Manus Islands we examine the macro and microphysical properties of these clouds in terms of their association with deep convection. The fundamental questions we will address is what fraction of the cirrus cloud population at this particular location can be traced directly to deep convection and is there some identifiable transition in cloud properties from layers dominated by recent association with deep convective outflows to cirrus that are maintained through dynamic ascent and local vertical motions in the upper troposphere? These results as well as the statistics of the derived microphysical properties of tropical cirrus will be compared to each other.

Note: This is the poster abstract presented at the meeting; an extended version was not provided by the author(s).