Journal Articles : 2004

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JakobUse of cloud radar observations for model evaluation: A probabilistic approach (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
SchultzSnowbands during the cold-air outbreak of 23 January 2003. (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
MinRetrievals of thin cloud optical depth from a multifilter rotating shadowband radiometer (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
DyeSpectral composition and quanta-to-energy ratio of diffuse photosynthetically active radiation under diverse cloud conditions (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
D. P. BillesbachA Portable Eddy Covariance System for the Measurement of Ecosystem–Atmosphere Exchange of CO2, Water Vapor, and Energy (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
BrethertonA New Parameterization for Shallow Cumulus Convection and Its Application to Marine Subtropical Cloud-Topped Boundary Layers. Part I: Description and 1D Results (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
BrethertonA New Parameterization for Shallow Cumulus Convection and Its Application to Marine Subtropical Cloud-Topped Boundary Layers. Part II: Regional Simulations of Marine Boundary Layer Clouds (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
HalthoreFurther developments in closure experiments for surface diffuse irradiance under cloud-free skies at a continental site (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
L'EcuyerObservational Evidence for the Mutual Regulation of the Tropical Hydrological Cycle and Tropical Sea Surface Temperatures (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
DuttonLong-term Variations in the Occurrence and Effective Solar Transmission of Clouds as Determined from Surface-based Total Irradiance Observations (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
LiuParameterization of the Autoconversion Process.Part I: Analytical Formulation of the Kessler-Type Parameterizations (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
ChengThe Liquid Water Oscillation in Modeling Boundary Layer Cumuli with Third-Order Turbulence Closure Models (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
BarnardA Simple Empirical Equation to Calculate Cloud Optical Thickness Using Shortwave Broadband Measurements (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology ARM
InoueApplication of Aerosondes to high-resolution observations of sea surface temperature over Barrow Canyon (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
XieImpact of a revised convective triggering mechanism on Community Atmosphere Model, Version 2, simulations: Results from short-range weather forecasts (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
TaubmanSmoke over haze: Aircraft observations of chemical and optical properties and the effects on heating rates and stability (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
MinA high-resolution oxygen A-band and water vapor band spectrometer (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
AlexandrovAutomated cloud screening algorithm for MFRSR data (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
LiuAn analytical expression for predicting the critical radius in the autoconversion parameterization (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
AlexandrovScaling properties of aerosol optical thickness retrieved from ground-based measurements (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
McFarlaneClouds and shortwave fluxes at Nauru. Part I: Retrieved cloud properties (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
MatrosovEvaluation of radar reflectivitiy-based estimates of water content in stratiform marine clouds (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology ARM
McCaaA new parameterization for shallow cumulus convection and its application to marine subtropical cloud-topped boundary layers. Part II: regional simulations of marine boundary layer clouds (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
McPhersonThe impact of Oklahoma's winter wheat belt on the mesoscale environment (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
MillerThe accuracy of marine shadow-band sun photometer measurements of aerosol optical thickness and angstrom exponent (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
ShupeCloud radiative forcing of the arctic surface: the influence of cloud properties, surface albedo, and solar zenith angle (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
IntrieriCharacteristics and radiative effects of diamond dust over the western Arctic Ocean region (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
d'EntremontAnalysis of Geostationary Satellite Imagery Using a Temporal-Differencing Technique (Citation)Earth Interactions ARM
NousiainenLight Scattering by Quasi-Spherical Ice Crystals (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
MarchandEvaluation of radiometric measurements from the NASA Multiangle Imaging Spectroradiometer (MISR): Two- and three-dimensional radiative transfer modeling of an inhomogeneous stratocumulus cloud deck (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
LiuApproximation of Single Scattering Properties of Ice and Snow Particles for High Microwave Frequencies (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
KiehlThe Community Climate System Model, Version 2 (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
McFarquharSing-Scattering Properties of Mixed-Phase Arctic Clouds at Solar Wavelengths: Impacts on Radiative Transfer (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
TurnerThe QME AERI LBLRTM: A Closure Experiment for Downwelling High Spectral Resolution Infrared Radiance (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
KhvorostyanovThe Theory of Ice Nucleation by Heterogeneous Freezing of Deliquescent Mixed CCN. Part I: Critical Radius, Energy, and Nucleation Rate (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
PawlakFull-spectrum correlated-k distribution for shortwave atmospheric radiative transfer (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
JakobsCloud regimes model evaluation and model development (Citation)GEWEX News ARM
HamiltonDarwin Area Wave Experiment (DAWEX) field campaign to study gravity wave generation and propagation (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
McFarlaneClouds and Shortwave Fluxes at Nauru. Part II: Shortwave Flux Closure (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
SenguptaClimatology of Warm Boundary Layer Clouds at the ARM SGP Site and Their Comparison to Models (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
StephensAn assessment of the parameterization of sub-grid scale cloud effects on radiative transfer I: Vertical Overlap (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric Science ARM
MitrescuOn similarity and scaling of the radiative transfer equation (Citation)Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy Radiative Transfer ARM
KnutesonAtmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (AERI): Part II: Instrument Perfomance (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric Oceanic Technology ARM
KnutesonAtmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (AERI): Part I: Instrument Design (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Oceanic Technology ARM
DinerPARAGON: an integrated approach for characterizing aerosol climate impacts and environmental interactions (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
SeinfeldScientific objectives, measurement needs, and challenges motivating the PARAGON aerosol initiative (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM ASP
FerrareCharacterization of upper tropospheric water vapor measurements during AFWEX using LASE (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
KratzAn inter-comparison of far-infrared line-by-line radiative transfer models (Citation)Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopic Radiative Transfer ARM
SodenAn analysis of satellite, radiosonde, and lidar observations of upper tropospheric water vapor from the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement program (Citation)J. Geophys. Res. ARM
GhanUse of in situ data to test a Raman lidar-based cloud condensation nuclei remote sensing method (Citation)J. Atmos. & Ocean. Technol. ARM
Abdul-RazzakParameterization of the influence of organic surfactants on aerosol activation (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
PolonskyLateral photon transport in dense scattering and weakly-absorbing mediaof finite thickness: Asymptotic analysis of the space-time green function (Citation)J. Opt. Soc. Am. A ARM
DavisPhoton propagation in heterogeneous optical media with spatial correlations: Enhanced mean-free-paths and wider-than-exponential free-path distributions (Citation)J. Quant. Spectrosc. Rad. Transf. ARM
MarshakThe 'RED versus NIR' plane to retrieve broken-cloud optical depth from ground-based measurements (Citation)J. Atmos. Sci. ARM
ChiuThe effect of surface heterogeneity on cloud absorption estimates (Citation)Geoph. Res. Lett. ARM
LiResponse to 'Disagreement Over Cloud Absorption' (Citation)Science ARM
LuoSurface bidirectional reflectance and albedo properties derived using a land cover-based approach with Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer observations (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
StephensObservational evidence for the mutual regulation of the tropical hydrological cycle and tropical sea surface temperatures (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
MinComparison of cirrus optical depths from GOES-8 and surface measurements (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
McFarquharRemotely sensed observations of aerosol indirect effects in the Indian Ocean (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
LinEvaluation of clouds and their radiative effects simulated by the NCAR Community Atmospheric Model CAM2 against satellite observations (Citation)J. Climate ARM
XieImpact of a new convective triggering mechanism on CAM2 model simulations: Results from short-range weather forecasts (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
LinStratiform precipitation, vertical heating profiles, and the Madden-Julian Oscillation (Citation)J. Atmos. Sci. ARM
XieDeveloping long-term single-column model/cloud system-resolving model forcing data using numerical weather prediction products constrained by surface and top of the atmosphere observations (Citation)J. Geophys. Res. ARM
SabburgImproved sky imaging for studies of enhanced UV irradiances (Citation)Atmos. Chem. Phys. ARM
ShaoDetecting drizzle in marine warm clouds using combined visible, infrared and microwave satellite data (Citation)J. Geophys. Res. ARM
ComstockEvidence of high ice supersaturation in cirrus clouds using ARM Raman lidar measurements (Citation)Geophys. Res. Letters ARM
ComstockEvaluation of tropical cirrus cloud properties derived from ECMWF model output and ground-based measurements over Nauru Island (Citation)Geophys. Res. Letters ARM
HollarsComparisons of cloud top height retrievals from ground-based 35-GHz MMCR and GMS-5 satellite observations at ARM TWP Manus Site (Citation)Atmos. Res. ARM
WangA new way to measure cirrus cloud ice water content by using ice Raman scatter with Raman lidar (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
WangStudying altocumulus plus virga with ground-based active and passive remote sensors (Citation)J. Appl. Meteor. ARM
KhvorostyanovToward the theory of heterogeneous ice nucleation. Part I: Critical radius, energy and nucleation rate (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric Science ARM
CurryApplications of aerosondes in the Arctic (Citation)Bull. Amer. Meteorol. Soc. ARM
KhvorostyanovOn the thermodynamic theory of freezing and melting of water and its solutions (Citation)J. Phys. Chem. A ARM
WhitemanSubtropical cirrus cloud extinction to backscatter ratios measured by Raman Lidar during CAMRX-3 (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
LynchTowards an integrated assessment of the impacts of extreme wind events on Barrow, Alaska (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
KhvorostyanovToward the theory of heterogeneousice nucleation. Part II: Parcel model simulations (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric Science ARM
WhitewayAnatomy of cirrus clouds: Results from the Emerald airborne campaigns (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
WestwaterA Review of Surface-based Microwave and Millimeter wave Radiometric Remote Sensing of the Troposphere (Citation)The Radio Science Bulletin ARM
AckermanIntegrating and interpreting aerosol observations and models within the PARAGON framework (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
BarkerAssessing a cloud optical depth retrieval algorithm with model-generated data and the frozen turbulence assumption (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
KahnAerosol data sources and their roles within PARAGON (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
ZhangEstimating soil water contents from soil temperature measurements by using an adaptive Kalman filter (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology ARM
BarkerNeglect by GCMs of subgrid-scale horizontal variations in cloud-droplet effective radius: a diagnostic radiative analysis (Citation)Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society ARM
BenkovitzModeling atmospheric sulfate over the northern hemisphere during the Aerosol Characterization Experiment 2 experiment period (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
BerendesCloud cover comparisons of the MODIS daytime cloud mask with surface instruments at the North Slope of Alaska ARM site (Citation)IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing ARM
DinerUsing the PARAGON framework to establish an accuracte, consistent, and cohesive long-term aerosol record (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
RaisanenStochastic generation of subgrid-scale cloudy columns for large-scale models (Citation)Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society ARM
RaisanenEvaluation and optimization of sampling errors for the Monte Carlo independent column approximation (Citation)Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society ARM
McFarquharObservations of particle size and phase in tropical cyclones: implications for mesoscale modeling of microphysical processes (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
SavijärviFlow over small heat islands: a numerical sensitivity study (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
BenassiFluxes through inhomogeneous cloud fields: A sensitivity study using a new stochastic cloud generator (Citation)Atmospheric Research ARM
ChylekEffect of broken clouds on satellite based columnar water vapor retrieval (Citation)IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters ARM
ShupeDeriving Mixed-Phase Cloud Properties from Doppler Radar Spectra (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
WidlowskiCanopy Structure Parameters Derived from Multi-Angular Remote Sensing Data for Terrestrial Carbon Studies (Citation)Climatic Change ARM
BillesbachA portable eddy covariance system for the measurement of ecosystem–atmosphere exchange of CO2, water vapor, and energy (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
BantaNocturnal low-level jet in a mountain basin complex I: evolution and implications to other flow features (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology ASP
BenkovitzModeling atmospheric sulfur over the northern hemisphere during the ACE-2 experimental period (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ASP
BerkowitzChemical and meteorological characteristics associated with rapid increases of O3 in Houston, Texas (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ASP
CoulterElevated stratified layers observed with sodar during VTMX (Citation)Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics ASP
DaumOrigin and properties of plumes of high ozone observed during the TexAQS 2000 study (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ASP
DavidovitsMass accommodation coefficient of water vapor on liquid water (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ASP
DeCarloParticle morphology and density characterization by combined mobility and aerodynamic diameter. measurements. part 1: theory (Citation)Aerosol Science and Technology ASP
DinerProgressive Aerosol Retrieval and Assimilation Global Observing Network (PARAGON): An integrated approach for characterizing aerosol climatic and environmental interactions (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ASP
DoranCharacteristics of intermittent turbulent temperature fluxes in stable conditions (Citation)Boundary-Layer Meteorology ASP
DunnObservations of Mexico City nanoparticle size distributions: observations of new particle formation and growth (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ASP
EasterMIRAGE: model description and evaluation of aerosols and trace gases (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ASP
GaffneyNatural radionuclides in fine aerosols in the Pittsburgh area (Citation)Atmospheric Environment ASP
GasparTOF-SIMS analysis of sea salt particles: imaging and depth profiling in the discovery of an unrecognized mechanism for pH buffering (Citation)Appl. Surf. Sci. ASP
GaoParticle phase acidity and oligomer formation in secondary organic aerosol (Citation)Environmental Science & Technology ASP
GaoLow-molecular-weight and oligomeric components in secondary organic aerosol from the ozonolysis of cycloalkenes and alpha-pinene (Citation)J. Phys. Chem. ASP
HoffmanSodium nitrate particles: physical and chemical properties during hydration and dehydration and implications for aged sea salt aerosols (Citation)Journal of Aerosol Science ASP
HuntFormation of molecular bromine from the reaction of ozone with deliquesced NaBr aerosol: evidence for interface chemistry (Citation)J. Phys. Chem. ASP
JiangModeling the effects of VOC and NOx emission sources on ozone formation in Houston during the TexAQS 2000 field campaign (Citation)Atmospheric Environment ASP
JobsonHydrocarbon source signatures in Houston, Texas: influences of the petrochemical industry (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ASP
KeywoodSecondary organic aerosol formation from cyclohexene ozonolysis: effect of OH scavenger and the role of radical chemistry (Citation)Environmental Science & Technology ASP
KeywoodSecondary organic aerosol formation from the ozonolysis of cycloalkenes and related compounds (Citation)Environmental Science & Technology ASP
KleinmanThe dependence of tropospheric ozone production rate on ozone precursors (Citation)Atmospheric Environment ASP
KleinmanAn ozone episode in the Philadelphia metropolitan area (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ASP
KulmalaFormation and growth of ultrafine atmospheric particles: a review of observations (Citation)Journal of Aerosol Science ASP
LaskinResponse to comments on "Reactions at interfaces as a source of sulfate formation in sea salt particles" (Citation)Science ASP
MaIntercomparisons of airborne measurements of aerosol ionic chemical composition during TRACE-P and ACE-Asia (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ASP
MarcyQuantifying stratospheric ozone in the upper troposphere using in situ measurements of HCl (Citation)Science ASP
MarleyFast gas chromatography with luminol chemiluminescence detection for the simultaneous determination of nitrogen dioxide and peroxyacetyl nitrate in the atmosphere (Citation)Rev. Sci. Instr. ASP
MayrGAP flow measurements during the mesoscale alpine programme (Citation)Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics ASP
McGrawHumidity, ice, and nitric acid (Citation)Science ASP
McNaughtonSpatial distribution and size evolution of particles in Asian outflow: significance of primary and secondary aerosols during ACE-Asia and TRACE-P (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ASP
NunnermackerGround-based and aircraft measurements of trace gases in Phoenix, Arizona (1998) (Citation)Atmospheric Environment ASP
RotmanIMPACT, the LLNL 3D global atmospheric chemical transport model for the combined troposphere and stratosphere: model description and analysis of ozone and other trace gases (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ASP
SakuraiSize-dependent mixing characteristics of volatile and non-volatile compositions in diesel exhaust aerosols (Citation)Environmental Science & Technology ASP
SchwartzUncertainty requirements in radiative forcing of climate change (Citation)J. Air Waste Manage. Assoc. ASP
ZhangAtmospheric new particle formation enhanced by organic acids (Citation)Science ASP
SlowikParticle morphology and density characterization by combined mobility and aerodynamic diameter measurements. Part 2: application to combustion-generated soot aerosols as a function of fuel equivalence ratio (Citation)Aerosol Science and Technology ASP
SmithAtmospheric measurements of sub-20 nm diameter particle chemical composition performed using thermal desorption chemical ionization mass spectrometry (Citation)Aerosol Science and Technology ASP
StrutzRelative humidity dependence of HONO chemistry in urban areas (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ASP
YoonRepresentation of generally-mixed multivariate aerosols by the quadrature method of moments: I. Statistical foundation (Citation)Journal of Aerosol Science ASP
YoonRepresentation of generally-mixed multivariate aerosols by the quadrature method of moments: II. Aerosol dynamics (Citation)Journal of Aerosol Science ASP
AndrewsIn situ aerosol profiles over the Southern Great Plains cloud and radiation test bed site: 1. Aerosol optical properties (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM
MonacheIn situ aerosol profiles over the Southern Great Plains cloud and radiation test bed site: 2. Effects of mixing height on aerosol properties (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research ARM ASP