Acting Public Information Officer - Rolanda Jundt, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Publications Manager - Sarah Shoemaker, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Communications Specialist - Jessica Church, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Communications Specialist - Kyle Westcott, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

What We Do

The ARM communications team manages the quality of technical and public information developed to support the priorities and goals of the ARM Facility, and also provides communications advice and expertise to Facility management. Essential communication objectives include:

  1. Promote awareness, understanding, and usage of the ARM Facility, including involvement in interagency and/or international field campaigns, and relay scientific results and successes to key audiences.
  2. Ensure prompt, comprehensive responses to inquiries and information requests from scientists, agency personnel, media, and the public.
  3. Facilitate access to information for both internal and external audiences through intuitive, modern online tools and strategies, and through traditional communications processes and products.
  4. Identify and develop strategies, processes, and products to support the success of the ARM Facility.