Data Product Registration and Submission


The procedure for principal investigators to submit ARM science research products, field campaign data, or DOE-supported research data to the ARM Data Center is the following:

  1. To begin, use the Data Product Registration and Submission form.
  2. Select a Data Type. This choice determines the level of review and the procedure for handling and approving your documentation and accompanying data submissions within the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility. Currently, three Data Type options are available.
    • ARM Field Campaign Data – reviewed by ARM Data Center staff responsible for handling field campaign data submissions.
    • ARM Principal Investigator (PI) Data Product – reviewed by ARM Translators and Infrastructure Representative.
    • Research Data for the ARM Data Archive – sent directly to metadata reviewers for the ARM Data Archive.
  3. Identify yourself—either from the pick list or by manual entry.
  4. Fill out the Data Product Registration and Submission form as completely and accurately as possible. Nobody is better equipped or suited to describe a data submission than the scientist who created it. The Data Product Registration and Submission form allows PIs to attach files, including data files, additional documentation files (e.g., readme files), technical reports, and pertinent science articles. Scientists are encouraged to provide these additional materials.
  5. Submit the Data Product Registration and Submission form. Once you have completed and submitted the form, and all mandatory fields are verified, you will receive notification to confirm successful submission.
  6. The system will then guide you to upload your data and ancillary information using an ARM file transfer protocol (FTP) data upload feature.

For assistance with your Data Product Registration and Submission, please contact